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Fall Fashion Finds  


Article by Stephanie Parenza

Photography by Stephanie Parenza

It's about this time, mid-August; when the temperatures are at their peak, that we all start dreaming about cooler temps and a new wardrobe. Texture, deep colors, pattern. These are just a few of the details that get me excited about fall fashion.

I have found some of the best fall fashion here in one of our very own local Kansas City area boutiques. Urban Sunflower, in Lenexa, has recently transferred their merchandise from their online boutique to a brick & mortar. (Don't worry, you can still shop online!)

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Give me all the flannel! This jacket is a must have for the fall season. It will, effortlessly, pair with so many different outfit combinations. Keep it basic with a pair of jeans and top or with this leather dress. I don't believe that a fall wardrobe is complete without at least one leather piece. This leather dress is not only soft and movable but is also very flattering!

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Make sure you add a jacket or two to your fall wardrobe. You can include ponchos and cardigans to that list too. Anything that you can layer as the temperatures drop! The boutique had so many of these pieces to offer.

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When adding to your wardrobe, look for pieces that you can wear multiple ways. I found this top that does that perfectly! The colors, stripes and pocket detail are perfect for the fall. This top is a transition piece that pairs well with shorts, throw on the cutest jean jacket when it's chilly, or jeans.

This wrap top, as seen below, can also be thrown over a fitted dress or with a pair of jeans.

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These joggers are great because they can be dressed up or down. Once again, one piece that can be worn multiple ways!

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Look for tops that have detail. It's such a simple and elegant way to step up your wardrobe. The rich color, lace and tie details make this top a must for the fall.

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Simple and subtle texture for fall is a must! I am obsessed with this corduroy dress plus the color, it couldn't be more perfect!

What's fall without a pair of flannel pajamas! This set is so soft and should definitely make it in to your shopping cart.

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I had the most pleasant experience shopping the NEW brick & mortar location for Urban Sunflower. I didn't leave empty handed! If you are looking to add to your fall wardrobe, I would highly suggest shopping local and heading over to see their new space!

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