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Kansas Children’s Service League:


Article by Amanda Knowland

Photography by Provided

Since its founding in 1893, the Kansas Children’s Service League (KCSL) has been a beacon of hope for

thousands of Kansas children and families each year. The nonprofit agency is on a mission to protect and

promote the well-being of children, addressing issues related to healthy, safety, education, and breaking

cycles of neglect, abuse, and trauma.

Outreach and Programs

KCSL’s outreach efforts are dedicated to working with families to create a safe, healthy, and nurturing

environment for children. The organization’s programs focus on crucial areas such as health, safety, and

education, aiming to help families succeed and break the cycles of neglect, abuse, and trauma.

Philanthropy Director Jeremy Kindy says they often find that the families KCSL assists lack a support

system to address common parenting issues. In response, KCSL strives to bridge this gap by providing

the necessary support and resources to families as they navigate certain challenges.

Funding Sources and Fundraising Efforts

KCSL relies on a combination of private dollars from individuals, companies, and foundations throughout

Kansas, as well as state and federal grants, to fund its programs and initiatives. The organization’s

fundraising efforts are deeply rooted in building relationships with individuals and businesses in the

communities where they provide services.

To sustain their vital work, KCSL hosts annual Red Stocking Breakfast events in Topeka, Kansas City, and

Wichita. These events play a crucial role in providing funding for KCSL’s initiatives. The Red Stocking

Breakfast serves as both a fundraiser and a reminder of KCSL’s early years in the 1920s when the

community would bring holiday gifts to children living at KCSL’s receiving home.

The Red Stocking Breakfast Tradition

Topeka’s Red Stocking Breakfast, now in its 30th year, will be held on December 9th from 7:30am - 10:30am at the Pennant Restaurant, and has become a cherished tradition. The event began

as a reminder of the generosity shown during KCSL’s early years, when the community would take

holiday gifts to the children living at KCSL’s receiving home in the 1920s. The children would hang their

little red stockings in anticipation of community support.

The breakfast’s success is attributed to generous donations from sponsors, with special recognition

given to The Pennant, a restaurant sponsor. Despite not typically serving breakfast, The Pennant opens

its doors on the morning of the event to provide a space for the breakfast. This support allows all

proceeds to directly benefit KCSL.

Volunteers and local celebrities play a pivotal role in the success of the Red Stocking Breakfast. They

contribute their time and effort to serve breakfast, greet guests, clear tables, and share information

about KCSL.

“Without these volunteers, local sponsors, and the work of The Pennant, the breakfast would not be

successful,” Kindy says. “Thank you to everyone who is involved.”

Ongoing Need for Volunteers and Supporters

KCSL emphasizes the ongoing need for volunteers and supporters throughout the year. The local

community council in Topeka, a volunteer group, not only helps plan the Red Stocking Breakfast, but

also serves as a voice for the community. Individuals interested in getting involved are encouraged to

reach out to Kindy to discuss how they can contribute to KCSL’s important mission, ensuring that Kansas

children and families receive the support they need. Kindy can be reached via email at

and by phone at (877) 530-5275 ext. 1371.

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