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My Guide to Nashville


Article by Vanessa Warren

Photography by Vanessa Warren

Fun fact: We’re from Dallas but lived in Nashville for almost 11 years—more specifically Franklin. Noah is a Tennessean, so our hearts are forever tied to Music City. So anytime a friend is headed to Nashville, I’m asked to give them a list of my favorite places; however, the city has grown soooo much, I honestly can’t keep up. So, consider my list old-school, but these places make me so so happy and never disappoint. Below is what I send my friends, so thought I’d share with you!

Have anything to add? DO. TELL.

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The Gulch

Our favorite hotel there is Thompson Hotel. The design is so good—inspired Noah’s bathroom!

Barista Parlor is a fave. They serve insanely good egg biscuit sandwiches.

Biscuit Love is a must, and Milk & Honey is down the road and perfect to pop into for a quick snack or treat.

Pinewood social is just plain fun, and the food is actually good too!

Also, swing on over to Germantown. Noah’s favorite place to eat there is Butchertown Hall. The burgers are another level of yum.

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12th South

Start with Whites Mercantile, an adorable shop owned by Holly Williams, daughter of Hank Williams Jr. While you’re there, buy me something!

Burger Up is across the street—a fun place to grab lunch.

Frothy Monkey is a classic Nashville coffee shop, and it’s down the street from Whites. And while you’re there, next door to Reese Witherspoon’s store, Draper James, is a fun Nashville mural to take a cute photo!

Five Daughters Donuts is a must one morning too!

Imogene & Willie’s is where I buy all my bandanas from! Go there—best denim.

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Downtown Franklin

Literally a dream town! Park anywhere and just walk the Main Street.

Merridee's Breadbasket is a classic that has delicious desserts and breads and pies. 55 South and Gray’s are perfect dinner spots.

Whites Mercantile, Biscuit Love & Frothy Monkey are in Franklin too. Visit Whites for sure. And again, buy me something!

In early December, go to Dickens of a Christmas in downtown Franklin and live your best Hallmark movie life!!!

While you're there, go ahead and drive to Leiper's Fork, TN. It’s simply breathtaking. Just drive down to their little Main Street and stop in at Puckett's grocery. I would dream of living in LF—the hills, the horses, the slow pace of life —just trust me, go!

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So, there you go—my quick list of classic favorites. Take me to Nashville again, already!