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A Beautiful Journey

Article by Caitlin Agnew

Photography by Life N Light

Originally published in Bellevue Lifestyle

Chandni Maloo moved here from India in 2012 and unexpectedly built a large social media following amid building a new life in America.   Although she has always been inclined towards creativity and design, she never would’ve planned that her journey would lead her to sharing beauty tips with hundreds of thousands of social media followers.  Bellevue Lifestyle asked Chandni to share some details of her journey.

How do you think living in America has changed you?

I was very excited to explore a new country and gain great experiences, meet new people, and learn about so many new cultures. Living in the United States has changed me in so many ways.  Exposure to a diverse culture here has broadened my perspective in understanding of different customs, beliefs, and ways of life. Living away from home made me independent and self-reliant, and experiencing a multicultural society made me more aware of diversity, equality, and social issues. I became more empathetic and understanding.  My experiences, traveling, and meeting so many people with different backgrounds have brought me so much joy.

What have been your biggest challenges?

Adapting to a new culture and lifestyle was challenging. I was homesick and missing my family, friends, and the familiar surroundings back in India. Then adjusting to the cost of living, housing expenses, healthcare costs, were significant challenges.  Establishing new social networks, making new friends, and building a support system in this country was an effort initially.  The U.S. healthcare system, insurance coverage, and medical services can be daunting for newcomers. Also, physical and emotional adjustment because of climate changes.

What do you wish more people in our community knew about Indian culture?

I wish more people were aware of many things about Indian culture, including: family values, hospitality, spirituality, festive celebrations, heritage, cuisines, traditions, attires, respect for elders, innovation and technology.  I think by understanding more they can foster cross-cultural, respect diversity, and build more connections with individuals from the Indian community.

You are a “beauty influencer” and have grown a large social media following.  Can you share how you got started?

It all started after my postpartum depression after my second boy was born and I wanted to have some me time. I was always very passionate about self-care and make up, so I started recording and posting on social media.  Initially I started by posting the techniques on how to do your own makeup and importance of skincare. Slowly and organically, I managed to grow my social media account to where it is now; I am grateful and blessed to be loved by so many amazing people.

You hope to be a positive impact on women.  Can you share some of your thoughts on that?  

Women empowerment is indeed a crucial and significant topic and is close to my heart.  Empowering women involves challenging and breaking stereotypes, societal norms, and biases that limit women's potential and restrict their opportunities for growth and development. I come from country where women go through a lot and they don’t even realize it because it so normal for them, but I want to empower every woman to feel confident, believe in their abilities, and encourage them to pursue their goals and dreams.

For more info, follow @enhancebychand on Instagram.

Priyanka Kasliwal Chopra is a local clothing designer who designed all the clothes Chandni is pictured in.  Priyanka is an exclusive designer label for women.  With offices in Sammamish and India, she designs and ships worldwide.  For more information and to see more designs, follow @priyankasignaturecouture on Instagram.

Lehenga (pink and blue outfit):

From the looms of Banaras, a work of art.  In hues of tradition, embellished with heritage, the Banarasi silk lehenga captures hearts.

Saree (yellow and black outfit):

This saree is a masterpiece of hand-painted art, showcasing intricate motifs, vibrant colors, and meticulous detailing. The designs depict scenes from nature and folklore adding depth and storytelling to the fabric.

Traditional Jewelry:

Borla Maang Tikka (head jewelry) 

Nathni (nose pin)

Gokhroo Bangles (hand bangles) 

Jhumki (earrings)

  • Priyanka Signature Couture Shop