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A Beautiful ROI

Kitchen and Bath Remodels Mean Business

Embarking on the journey that is home renovation can be daunting and draining. But, if you’re looking at maintaining or updating to achieve a high return on investment, it’s a worthwhile and even enjoyable journey, with the right partners. We talked to John Hogan, president of Bath and Kitchen Galleria, a veteran of real estate finance and construction, and a graduate of Villanova University and of Emory University where he earned his MBA. He respects the customer’s time and bottom line. “Anyone can walk in our 10,000-square-foot showroom and get a price range, design consultation and a timeline for their project in about 60 minutes. Bath and Kitchen Galleria is the only true turn-key remodeler in Atlanta with a showroom for all products. We are staffed with professional spatial and decorative designers, professional estimators and professional project managers.”

He and Bobbie Kohm, vice president and lead designer, shared their insight on ROI, design and smart design investments. 

Kitchen remodels will offer the highest ROI on the interior of the home.

It is the highest utilization room and it’s a public area. The kitchen requires a casual eating area where 95% of all family eating will take place, regardless of the family’s intentions. More and more these eating areas are incorporated into the kitchen island, where five to six people can sit around three sides and face each other. The function of the kitchen has increased to include social aspects of our lives, just as coffee houses have, and the size of the kitchen often must increase too. This is often done by demising the wall between the kitchen and den, or kitchen and dining room.

Highest ROI kitchen design strategies:

Create “flow and connectivity.” This is often done by incorporating an island, respecting the minimum 42” walk path dimension, and leaving increased space for oven and refrigerator door swings.

Choosing lighter colors and textures for countertops and backsplashes makes the room feel warmer and more voluminous.

Grouping tall cabinets together, where possible, to yield long uninterrupted countertop runs.

Sizing the appliances proportionally to the size of the home.

Establish and design around a focal point, usually a cooktop or range on a perimeter wall.

Establishing symmetry with an island in the foreground is a typical design strategy.

Highest ROI design strategies for remodeling a master bathroom:

Increasing the size of the shower and including two shower heads.

Add a free-standing tub, made of stone, with ample open areas on either side, so as not to look cramped. For people interested in aging in place, a tub can be hard to get in and out of, so a beautiful tub in a tub deck can be equally as beautiful and also safer.

Choose a furniture-looking vanity with ample storage and undermount sink with quartzite, quartz or marble counter.

Focus on lighting with ample recessed cans for ambient light, over-vanity or sconces around mirrors, and LED accent lighting above cabinets

Removing all the framed glass from the shower and replacing with frameless glass has a dramatic effect on the entire bathroom.

Have fun with your remodel and feel proud of the investment you're making in your home and future.

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