MR. Thrift: A one-of-a-kind antique emporium

How one family-owned business is mastering recycling

There is nothing quite like stumbling upon a vintage store full of amazing items. The feeling is akin to a treasure hunt, and Berthoud has its own local gem of a store. MR. Thrift, a company dedicated to perfecting the art of reducing, reusing, and recycling, is a dream for thrifters and environmentalists alike. Allen and Adam Wasson, father and son entrepreneurs, are dedicated to two things: family, and the idea that everyone has a role to play in preserving our environment. Their journey began by investing in a franchise that specializes in removing unwanted items from people’s homes called Junk King. They pick up items based on Junk King’s customer's specific requests, whether the goods are from a vacated building or leftovers from an estate sale, yet quickly realized how many quality goods are being tossed away. Sixty percent of the items Junk King picked up ended up saved from the landfill. Of the sixty percent saved, thirty percent were too good to let go: beautiful antiques, original artwork, furniture, housewares, and tools. Allen and Adam originally rented a warehouse to store the items, but eventually came to the conclusion that to best utilize the items, they needed to open a storefront. MR. Thrift was born. Two years later and their business has expanded tremendously. They strip wire, dispose of tires, mattresses, televisions, and paint to make sure that even the most difficult-to-recycle items go through the proper disposal procedure. They do not accept donations, but they do have vendor booths for rent where local sellers can rent space to sell their own goods. Their next step? To acquire more trucks so they can increase their ability to haul items and to educate local business owners about how they can make their own operations more sustainable.

How it works

Pick Up:

A Junk King team is sent out on location upon the client's request. 


Depending on the nature of the pickup, any household items are brought to the Fourth and Massachusetts location to be sorted.


Household items take up the majority of the space. However, they also sell electronics and raw materials like wire, dispose of mattresses, and take any items they prefer not to sell to Habitat for Humanity. 


Items in good condition are cleaned and placed on the store floor as quickly as possible. If possible, broken items are fixed and refurbished. 

Sales Floor:

Tools are sorted and priced accordingly, along with the gardening and outdoor living goods. Like many furniture stores, most of MR. Thrift’s space is organized into several different rooms staged like kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, etcetera.

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