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A Blending of Seasons

Custom Blending Brings the Best Ingredients Together

There’s an old saying that goes, “You can choose your friends, but not your family.” Well, the same can be said for your work family because often you have no control over this mix of people. In fact, these people, much like your relatives, probably remind you of the spices in your spice rack. Sweet, savory, spicy, earthy—no matter what spice you’re seeking, you probably work with someone who matches it perfectly. Perhaps the best way to help everyone work together is to find the key ingredient, the one thing that creates the perfect blend.

Creating the perfect blend was paramount in the minds of Tom and Kristie Cotter when they purchased Custom Blending in 2016. In addition to this goal, they also set for themselves a few others including honoring their faith with the business, enriching lives and adding the right people. To the Cotters, the first goal was the most important. Everything they have done has been derived from their love for the Lord and their desire to serve Him.

Their secondary goals were to create a family business and to enrich the lives of everyone they come into contact with. The Cotters wanted to create “a place where people [knew] they were safe, appreciated and valued.” To that end, they have designed a workplace where families are welcome.

"We don’t live isolated lives; we live life in community. God created us to live life in community,” Kristie says, “and people need to feel like they have contributed and that they have a place to belong.”

Last, but certainly not least in the list of goals was to add the right people. Custom Blending started out with just Tom and Kristie on the payroll, and they now have 11 total employees. When asked how they felt about the progress they’ve made in the past three years, the Cotters answered that it’s been a process, but they feel that they’ve made definite progress toward accomplishing the goals they set for themselves.

“When folks know that their seasoning is going to a certain restaurant, there is a certain sense of pride," Tom says.

A handful of the Custom Blending employees ventured out to nearby Carter Lake to try a cobbler made with the Uncle Bemis Fall Harvest Blend. Everyone had a great time, and the connection among the workers was evident. The cobbler not only looks delicious, but the delight on the faces of the attendees is obvious. As with the spices in the spice rack, each person is completely different, yet I’m sure Tom and Kristie would say that they create the mix that is vital to Custom Blending.

Whether you’re familiar with Loveland-based Custom Blending or any of its wonderful staff, you’ll want to know that many custom blends are used in your local Loveland, Berthoud and Johnstown restaurants. In fact, four new corn salt blends were a big hit at the recent Loveland Corn Roast Festival.  

Stop by the Custom Blending office to introduce yourself and meet the team! If you’re anything like me, the cobbler in the photos is calling so loudly that I may have to stop by for the Fall Harvest Blend very soon.

  • Fall Harvest Peach Cobbler  - 2 (28 ounce) cans peaches in juice, drained  - 1 cup sugar   - 3/4 cup brown sugar (packed)  - 3 tablespoons Custom Blending Fall