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Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady

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A Bold New Way to Cruise

Join Me on a Virgin Voyage

Bon Voyage!

To Sir Richard Branson and the entire team aboard Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady, I bid you kudos, well done & farewell.  Now that I’ve got the formalities out of the way, when I tell you I had the time of my life on this cruise, the cliché would be an understatement. I love children but this passage is an exclusively adult excursion, and if truth be told,  the adults often reveled in childlike behaviors! ​Scarlet Lady, which is inspired by superyacht design, is in the class of  Virgin Voyages first fleet of "Lady Ships." Similar figures appeared on the earliest airplanes for Virgin Atlantic and now, as the flagship for the company’s cruise line, Scarlet Lady bears the iconic mermaid image. She reflects a powerful spirit guide, showing the world what it’s like to set sail the Virgin Way!

Boarding Day

They had me at hello with breakfast all day. I can eat an egg white omelet filled with ham & cheese any time of day or night. The fact that I bumped into a breakfast bar upon boarding made this an instant love affair. I was drooling and now your mouth is watering too. Unlike other brands, The Galley food hall is a mix of more than eight uniquely designed and dedicated food stations, one of which offers champagne any time of day. Perhaps you too will fall in love with the 24-hour American diner, I was forewarned by a dear friend that I was in store for a blast. Heed my warning as well, this cruise experience is like no other, and you will be planning your next voyage before disembarkation. 

Bubbles At Sea

A cast away like no other. What makes this experience? Different starts with the bottomless bubbles toast, which kicked off our cruise: Virgin Voyages’ Irresistible Med itinerary. To see adults clamor for the champagne, running back and forth for countless glasses of bubbly made for a tipsy festive environment. Loosened up and ready to mingle with individuals from around the globe creates opportunity to make new friends and an easy exchange of social media handles. We danced out of the Barcelona’s port in luxury. 

Bold Flavors & Cuisine

To be completely honest and transparent, I didn’t partake in all of the dining experiences aboard Scarlet Lady. I guess that means I will have to return soon. However, my faves by far were Gunbae and Extra Virgin. There are a plethora of elegantly-appointed dining options, but in the interest of a quick read to inspire you, I will opt for expanding on these two:

Gunbae’s communal Korean cuisine escape will have you intoxicated beyond the complimentary round of soju. Loud, fun and engaging, complete with a drinking game, you are swept into communicating with fellow sailors to savor the preparation of proteins on specially engineered flameless grills.

Extra Virgin’s bread delivery was the beginning of an unforgettable dining experience. The charcuterie, followed with a medley of deliciousness, included splashes of honey to spark your palette with more to come. The ship's trattoria is a destination for regionally-inspired, hand-crafted pasta, deeply rooted in Italian culinary traditions. The cozy escape aboard Scarlet Lady is a beacon of romance as the architectural elements lure you into softness and splendor while coasting along The Mediterranean.

Boundaries Beyond Barcelona

The three irresistible country destinations included France, Italy and Spain! How can one go wrong? I was eager to board this 7-night Mediterranean excursion. From the Rockstar priority boarding to the independent booking of cuisine and dining experiences, this cruise experience is unrivaled. The Virgin Voyages app makes cruising uncomplicated, and paired with basic Wi-Fi, makes for seamless communication with travel companions.

I won’t bore you with things that you can Google. Instead, I will indulge in talking about the ice cream & tattoo parlor aboard. In a unique move for the hospitality industry, Virgin Voyages Crew are allowed to have visible tattoos. I applaud this burst beyond the boundaries that allows individual expression and the “come as you are” culture of Virgin. Virgin celebrates inclusivity with action. While I wasn’t bold enough to paint my body, I did pick up a few pounds from the fresh, hand-scooped gelato station located on deck 7. My dad always told me that any day could be made better with ice cream, so this was a daily chore, sometimes twice in my travel itinerary. I won’t brag anymore about the adult comedy, shows and onboard entertainment. This is a new dawn in cruise hospitality! Virgin is in a fleet of their own! Every voyage includes dining at 20+ eateries, all gratuities covered, free Wi-Fi, essential drinks and unlimited group fitness classes all covered in the voyage fare.

High energy moments and relaxation make for the perfect reset. From the epic Scarlet Night party to nights in Ibiza, this investment grants a royal return. A promise for a good time is guaranteed. So #BeEncouraged and sail with Virgin Voyages!

Patrick T. Cooper is the Creative Director at SoFu Lifestyle. 

I applaud this burst beyond the boundaries that allows individual expression and the “come as you are” culture of Virgin. Virgin celebrates inclusivity with action.

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