A Breath of Fresh Air

Inside Cheryl Pittiglio’s Mission to Bring Healthy Indoor Environments to Macomb County

22 years ago, Cheryl Pittiglio unknowingly moved herself and her two baby boys into a home infested with toxigenic mold. “Throughout the next few months,” she says, “my health worsened to the point that I could barely hold down a job. My tipping point was hearing my oldest son, 3 years old, start coughing in his sleep." Cheryl’s doctor recommended they leave the home, which was later gutted.

This experience led Cheryl, along with her sons Cole and Dalton, to later start Pure Air Mold Removal Macomb. Pure Air’s dry-fog vapor differs greatly from traditional mold remediation, says Cheryl. “Pure Maintenance developed the technology to vaporize a solution that will kill any mold spore, along with any virus, bacteria, or pathogen.” The result is a whole-home sterilizing treatment. Adds Cheryl, “The patented fog-like vapor is completely dry. Without the need for ripping out drywall and other building materials, our pricing is usually a fraction of the old way of removing mold and allows you to save your furniture and precious belongings.”

Cheryl has been able to help others as well. A church in downtown Mount Clemens, after over 100 years of leaks and floods, showed evidence of mold when the air quality was tested. Employees and volunteers, after spending hours in the church, often suffered health complaints. “We created a treatment plan,” says Cheryl, “with the goal of making the church a healthy environment, including for kids and the elderly, to worship. Post-treatment air sampling verified that the treatment was successful.”  In a local construction company office, black mold lurked in the attic, sickening the secretary, Kim. After treatment, Cheryl says, Kim no longer needed her air purifiers.

“So many people are living in homes with mold issues,” says Cheryl. “We are more than happy to help make their homes (and offices) healthy again!” Find out more at pureairmacomb.com.

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