A Brewmaster's Return

Zac Triemert revitalizes Lucky Bucket with passion and original brews

On March 23, the iconic brewery and distillery, Lucky Bucket and Cut Spike, will celebrate its sweet sixteen with the return of founder Zac Triemert at the helm. Zac, who originally established the company in 2008, expressed his joy at being part of it again, saying, "I put so much work, soul, and passion into this brand that it never left me.”

Zac's journey began with a career shift from pre-med to brewing and distilling, sparked by a revelation about the versatile uses of his degree. Though he went on to start a career as a microbiologist, the idea of brewing fermented through home brews.

He honored his late father in 2000 by crafting a home-brewed beer named Jerry's Pale Ale. “Each family member got two bottles: one to drink and one to keep.” Witnessing the reactions of his family sparked the company’s motto: celebrate, commiserate, and commemorate. “I knew then I had to get a brewing job.”

Taking a risk, Zac became the head brewer at Upstream Brewing Company in Omaha. Fueling his passion, he pursued a master's degree in brewing and distilling in Edinburgh, UK, focusing on the distillery side. His master's thesis became the basis for the distilling system at Cut Spike.

After graduation in 2006, Zac returned to Nebraska and began work on legalizing craft distilling before opening Lucky Bucket Brewery and Solas Distillery in 2008. He would then sell his equity to launch Brickway Brewery & Distillery in 2012. Zac emphasized the importance of learning from Lucky Bucket's success while building Brickway.

Advantages emerged as Zac reacquired Lucky Bucket in 2023, leading to a complete renovation of the La Vista facility. Zac described the process as a "grind" but worthwhile for the "brand new beer factory," due to the expanded production scale.

Renovations included updates to the tap room, bathrooms, and increased event space, promising the return of Lucky Bucket's Oktoberfest party.

“We told people we’re definitely bringing it back, and we’ve actually put a date to it: Saturday, September 7,” Zac shares.

Reflecting on the journey, Zac emphasized the collective effort, stating, "I have to have people know this isn't just me: it's my team." He also expressed pride and gratitude for the swift support from Mayors David Black and Doug Kindig of Papillion and La Vista, respectively.

Customers can explore Lucky Bucket and Cut Spike through their website, social media, or the tasting room at 11941 Centennial Road, where they can savor old favorites and new brews, soon including Jerry's Pale Ale, the first ever commercially available batch. 


With Zac Triemert's return, Lucky Bucket reintroduces original recipes, reclaiming the essence lost since his departure in 2012. 

Notably, the Lucky Bucket Pre-Prohibition Lager and Certified Evil Ale, an imperial stout, undergo a revival, returning to their initial complexity and 4.5% and 9.2% alcohol levels. The lager promises familiarity and nostalgia, described as light, crisp, and with a touch more color. 

Zac affirms, "It is a session beer, a crushable, drink-all-day kind of beer.” 

He anticipates their swift availability in Omaha Metro's establishments.

Alongside these classics, Lucky Bucket introduces two new offerings: American Wheat and an IPA, adding diversity to local stores, bars, and restaurants. Embrace the return of beloved favorites and explore the freshness of Lucky Bucket's latest creations.

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