A Changing of Perception

Helping Others See Their Own Beauty More Clearly

With drive and a dedication to help lift others up and feel confident in how they see themselves, Cristina Manwell has created a space aimed at enhancing a positive customer experience. She knows that that experience begins from the ground up, starting first with her and her team. Focused on being a home base for stylists with like-minded goals, she has cultivated an environment of trust, teamwork, and a unified mission statement; a place where customers and stylists alike, can feel they are a part of something that supports and elevates those around them.

As a northern Colorado native, Cristina has grown up with deep roots in the community and a passion to continue being a part of that. Raised with two incredibly strong and tenacious women as inspirations, her mother and grandmother, she credits her perseverance in braving her own path largely in part to their support and ability to do so themselves. Because of them, she witnessed the results of what fortitude and determination can do for achieving your dreams. Learning from and building on that, she has realized it takes a team to succeed and when you are willing to push through difficulties and keep taking steps towards your goals, you will succeed and in turn, help those around you to do the same.

Finding the balance in business ownership, Cristina follows her heart in seeking vitality and a center of gravity to ground her. Spending time with her family and getting to watch her children grow, experience, laugh and discover life in new ways every day drives her purpose and instills in her renewed inspiration for continuing to grow and push to be the best version of herself.

Cristina’s love for what she does is evident in the time, intention, and care she puts into every single client. There is a genuine joy that exudes from her when she is getting to do what she enjoys. She has poured that same attention and care into the salon space and spa, creating a beautiful setting for clients to relax and get pampered in. Her goal is to have all clients walk out feeling more confident and being able to see their own beauty more clearly. To her, there is no better reward than being able to see their guest’s faces light up and help improve their sense of self.

Applying her extensive knowledge in the industry and coupling that with her goal to put customer satisfaction first, she also offers numerous services that encompass a multitude of ways for customers to take advantage of self-care and relaxation. The gorgeous salon also incorporates a spa space within its walls, which offers massages and multiple facial services including but not limited to lymphatic drainage, prenatal massages, as well as hot stone therapy.  With a well-rounded wealth of services available, there is something to offer every guest. 

The results speak for themselves and the team of amazing women at Cristiana Salon Spa are dedicated to offering a home for future team members and customers to feel like they are part of a tribe focused on changing the perception of beauty and helping others find their inner confidence through a little love and care.  

“It really does take help and surrounding yourself with those people who have the same vision and who lift you up and have your back changes everything really. You create a tribe to lift others.” 

“I have learned that nothing in life that’s worth having comes easy. It’s an old saying but rings true for most all things. You 100% must work for it and you must put in the hours and not be afraid to fail.”

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