Copper Kettle Chocolate Factory

Family-Owned Chocolate Factory Spans Generations

Article by Erica Hernandez

Photography by Shannon Valentine | Lunalux

Originally published in Cypress Lifestyle

For chocolatier Scott Kossoudji, chocolate is a serious family business. For three generations now, he and his family have crafted and designed unique chocolate candies for their local community.  

Scott, along with his wife Carrie and their son, Ryan, own and operate Copper Kettle Chocolate Factory, a cozy candy shop stocked with an abundant supply of chocolate designs. From jumbo caramel apples smothered in chocolate to chocolate-covered gummy bears and chocolate-covered Twinkies, the store offers a range of scrumptious locally crafted treats for any occasion. They offer chocolate school supplies for teachers and life-like chocolate pawprints for animal lovers. And unlike some other chocolate factories, you don’t need a golden ticket to enter. 

“We wanted something family-friendly to match this great family community,” Scott says. “We want everybody to walk in and to feel welcome.”

Scott is a Navy veteran and former trial attorney turned candy maker. He and his family opened the chocolate factory in November 2014 after years of learning chocolate-making from his father. Scott’s father opened his own chocolate shop, The Golden Turtle Chocolate Factory, 30 years ago in Lebanon, Ohio. A newspaper clipping of his father’s store opening now hangs in Scott’s own chocolate factory. 

“They’ve really given us the foundation to develop our own product,” Scott says. 

“It’s been really quite rewarding.”

The family all pitches in to create new recipes, but it’s in the back of the factory where all the magic happens. Scott and his family make caramel and toffee in a large copper kettle and produce new chocolate designs from any inspiration. 

“I’ll be back there making something, and it will just pop in my brain,” Scott says.

“We wanted something family-friendly to match this great family community. We want everybody to walk in and to feel welcome.”

—Scott Kossoudji

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