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A City Worth Celebrating

Plans for the present seek to honor the city’s historical past and enhance Decatur’s future.

Decatur is a city with a strong sense of community. Through research, focus, and resident feedback, a strategic plan is in its implementation stages to make the city even better. With an eye on equity, several programs are working together to address concerns while improving our capacity to gather. 

The Decatur community is known for its ability to work together. Everyone comes to the table with intelligence and a desire to develop the best outcomes; neighbors know their neighbors, and we are all connected. That is what sets our city apart.

At the heart of Decatur’s growth is maintaining and building upon its inherent authenticity. From historic architecture preservation to an enhanced downtown square, it is paramount that all changes work toward bettering the residents’ everyday experience. With a holistic approach at its center, these plans developed by the City of Decatur strive to increase accessibility, affordability, and enduring enjoyment.


Celebrate the city and commune with your fellow residents at the Bicentennial Celebration on Saturday, December 9th. This event promises a full day of festivities, starting at 9:00 a.m. with a 1-mile race and ending at 7:30 p.m. after an explosive fireworks show. It’s a big birthday (200 years!) and an opportune time to celebrate Decatur’s past, present, and future. Perfect for all ages, a parade, live music, and inspiring stories will be shared.

Renae Jackson, Equity & Engagement Director, looks forward to the “community coming together to not only acknowledge and celebrate where we have been but to acknowledge where we are, and how we work together to create a legacy that will be meaningful to generations to come.”

The following day is the Bicentennial Celebration History Tour, where you can immerse yourself and your family in two centuries of history. Guided by leads well-versed in Decatur knowledge, you will be privy to a plethora of informative stories while touring historical landmarks.


Two programs are running in Decatur’s 200th year, enacted to ensure the city’s condition is continually improved. The 200 Trees Project works to increase the city’s tree canopy by planting new trees and nurturing existing ones by keeping them free from invasives. The 200 Stories Initiative seeks to preserve and document the voices of today’s Decatur residents to help shape the vision for our city’s future. It’s a powerful reminder that we all play a part in creating community.


The last major upgrade to the Decatur Town Square was over twenty years ago. The thread running through all these efforts is the desire to gather as a community even more by making downtown accessible and ready for events. These initiatives include adding more green space, installing a permanent pavilion stage for performances, and providing public restrooms. Improved parking is on the task list, as well! 

Many of these changes come from direct resident feedback, which has been a vital component in the development of Decatur Square. Resident needs come to the forefront through the Engagement Squad Committee, roundtable discussions, public meetings, and online surveys. Diverse perspectives bring an opportunity to uncover commonalities, leading to a consensus wherein a vision forms that everyone can support. In the words of the Planning & Economic Development Director Angela Threadgill, “The community shapes the plan.”

“We will transmit this City not only, not less, but greater and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us.”