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A Classic Beauty

Meet Goody

It doesn’t get more classic than a 1957 Ford Thunderbird. Goody, the dusk rose convertible, flaunting its original paint and pristine white leather interior, has had quite a life. Goody Levitan, a Disney Studios executive, bought the car brand new in Los Angeles in 1957. The first thing she did was have her name, Goody, artfully etched into the vent glass on the driver’s side. It was the start of a beautiful friendship. The two were inseparable, sharing rides and adventures with the likes of Robert Mitchum, Hugh O’Brian, Howard Hughes, and Kenny Rogers. Even a generous offer from Kenny Rogers to purchase the car couldn’t convince Goody Levitan to part with the babybird.

The two Goodys stayed together until Levitan’s passing in 1986, when the car was left to her niece, who lived in Sandy Springs. In 2020, she moved to Florida, leaving the car behind. Enter Vernalisa, owner and operator of Vernalisa Productions.

By a twist of fate, Vernalisa was introduced to Goody and bought the classic car on sight. With an eye for detail, Vernalisa knew she was looking at a work of art. A work of art with a white soft top, removable dusk rose hardtop, and an A 312ci V8 engine with 245 horsepower. The car had never been restored, every part was original, perfectly maintained. She bought it because she just had to. They belonged together.

Raised in a small town at the very edge of Georgia, Vernalisa has always been drawn to the treasures of the past. She spent summers with her grandfather at his home that was filled with old crafting chairs, fishing nets and old school books on hand built shelves. She was intrigued by the artifacts from his past. He was from a different world and held onto old world things, like fishing and gardening. He taught her about the tools and the treasures of the past and she carries these traits and skills with her to this day, inspiring her own two daughters.

Vernalisa supports the community by sharing her excitement of classic items. She has made Goody available for others to enjoy at special events, such as weddings, baby showers, gender reveals and photoshoots. 

Rewind by VCR is Vernalisa’s vintage pop up shop that supports the upkeep of Goody. The shop is an homage to her upbringing, reflecting the style and beauty of the past. As an avid treasure hunter, there is always something added to her rich collection. 

The shop can be found at Alive After 5 each month through October.

On Vernalisa’s website,, you can find more information about renting Goody and other classic cars. 

Vernalisa says, “My plans are to bring light to other classics in the area by offering to help get them rented for their owners. There are many garage treasures in the area. I hope to have the opportunity to help share them with those who can appreciate their importance and beauty.”