Mountain Living in the Heart of Durango

Take a Look at Reynolds Ash + Associates' Twin Buttes Beauty

An ancient mesa meticulously carved into identical buttes long ago creates a striking landmark as you leave Durango heading west on US HWY 160. A trail system builds a web of winding single track that draws in many outdoor enthusiasts to revel in the beauty and excitement that awaits at each bend. While it has all the trappings of an isolated mountain oasis, this picturesque area, known as Twin Buttes, is surprisingly within city limits. 

The homes dotted throughout the landscape lend to the natural beauty while boasting a distinctly modern feel. Residents of the Twin Buttes neighborhood have all the convenience of in-town living plus front-row seating to the wild beauty of Southwest Colorado. 

Let’s take a step inside one of the gems of Twin Buttes with Reynolds, Ash + Associates, and see how modern living and local history go hand in hand to create a one-of-a-kind living space.

This stunning home features all of the modern amenities with plenty of outdoor space to take in the natural beauty that surrounds it. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow you to enjoy all the views, whether you are relaxing indoors or out on the spacious deck or patio. Ideal for enjoying family time at home, exploring the 14 miles of trail surrounding the neighborhood, or running into town to grab dinner, this home has something to offer every desire. 

With all the convenience of town and the comfort of modern living, this spacious home feels far away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. The views allude to rustic mountain living, but city water and plumbing mean you never have to deal with some common headaches associated with living in the great outdoors.

One unique aspect of this location is its proximity to historic sites and the area’s connection to Durango’s mining roots. Jutting up from the rocky earth below, the buttes top out at approximately 7,700 feet above sea level. The first stewards of the land were the Ute Tribe, who settled the area centuries ago. In 1901, the Boston Coal and Fuel Company extracted coal from an area located just northwest of Twin Buttes and built a train line that carried coal and brought service to a town of 200 residents. You can still hike along the long abandoned switchbacks and spot remnants of the once-thriving community of miners.  

This coupling of history and modern living is characteristic of the innovative services RA+A provides. Their work ranges widely from architecture and structural engineering to land planning and interior design. Drawing inspiration from the natural environment, RA+A designs “structures that are compatible with the natural environment, taking advantage of the natural landscape, solar orientation, and existing adjacent land features.” With a focus on sustainable design, the firm creates comfortable living spaces that are in harmony with their neighbors and the natural environment.

Their home at Twin Buttes is just one example of how the firm’s design and execution create a cozy, modern living space that offers both convenience and wonder. 

If you want to learn more about what Reynolds Ash + Associates are working on, visit their website,, and become inspired.

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