A Commitment to Community

Giving Back can be a family Affair

Dr. Joy Brauer, a local dentist at Seville Family Dentistry and Joyful Smiles, believes in the importance of helping others and encouraging her family to do the same. Because of this, she and her two daughters, Lexi, 17, and Lily, 14, are members of the National Charity League, Inc., San Tan chapter (NCL). Through this local chapter of a national service organization, Brauer and her daughters give back to the community while bonding with one another.

“NCL, Inc., San Tan Chapter is a group of mothers and daughters who have come together in a commitment to community service, leadership development and cultural experiences,” according to the service organization’s website. The focus of the group is to foster the mother-daughter relationship by serving in the community together. Members of the group are mothers and daughters in grades 6-9 (or going into 7th to 10th grades).

“Lexi and I joined NCL when Lexi was starting her 8th grade year of school, which was in August 2017,” Brauer says. “I felt it was important to teach Lexi the importance of volunteering and giving back to our community. I think that both of us have enjoyed the time of just being together and helping those in need.”

Since joining in 2017, Brauer says that Lexi has completed 282 league and philanthropy hours, she has completed 222 league and philanthropy hours and Lily, who just joined NCL this year, has completed 31 league and philanthropy hours.

Brauer shares that some of the local projects they have been involved with include volunteering with the American Cancer Society Relay for Life, AZ IDEA Museum for Youth, ICAN Improving Chandler Area Neighborhoods, Live Love House, The Cinderella Affair, 100 Club of Arizona, Feed My Starving Children, Walk to End Alzheimer’s, and many more.

“Along with volunteering, my daughters are learning leadership skills,” Brauer says. “Lexi is currently the President of her NCL Class of 2023. Over the years, she has learned how to successfully manage a meeting along with other organizational skills. Along with other executive members, she has planned cultural and social events.”

In addition to her volunteer work with the NCL, Brauer and her husband, Dr. Howie Brauer, also a dentist, volunteer annually for Arizona Dental Mission of Mercy [AZ MOM].

“At this annual event, free dental care is provided to those that can’t afford to receive dental treatment. It is the largest dental charity event in Arizona and basically anyone that is 18 years of age can volunteer,” Brauer says. “Some of the non-dental positions include being a translator, sterilization technician, patient escort, along with other positions. The event is December 9 and 10 at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum.”

“I truly feel blessed to do what I do on a daily basis,” Brauer concludes. “I love my job and I love creating beautiful smiles. Through volunteering with NCL, my daughters are taught the importance of giving back, and they are able to see that there are people outside our little Gilbert and Chandler bubble that need assistance and help. We are fortunate to be able to give back, and I am hoping that I instill the value that we are here to help one another.”

The NCL San Tan chapter is recruiting new members through January 15, 2023. Information is available at More information on AZMOM and their upcoming charitable event can be found at

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