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A Community of Service

Dr. Kevin Murriel

Senior Pastor of Casade United Methodist Church (CUMC), Dr. Kevin Murriel, engages the congregation of more than seven thousand in-person and virtual members by building a community that is focused on empowerment.

Murriel has a modern spin on the Civil Rights Movement. His approach takes into consideration his role as a father, husband, and leader. Atlanta, Georgia is the cradle of civil rights, and many recognizable leaders who carried the mantle of the Civil Rights Movement hail from the city. As a pastor, Murriel desires to be a voice for the voiceless and he uses his platform and position to speak against systems that oppress and other injustices.

There are so many entities jockeying to become the moral compass or guidance for youth. Murriel’s open mind and awareness of current issues are part of the reason youth are drawn to the church. CUMC is where youth find the ability to leverage the community and where they experience the feeling of community. Smaller groups are naturally formed—the impact youth can have on other youth can be contagious, especially when the movement is authentic.

Of course, it’s not just young people who are seeking guidance about how to approach everything that has happened in life. Adults are also seeking spiritual advice, especially for political decisions. Unfortunately, there are leaders that spew hatred from the pulpit, pulling various scriptures to back their rhetoric. Murriel counters this effort by continuing to choose content, whether on social media or when communicating, that speaks truth. His focus is on truly loving one another, because he believes people want to know that someone cares and  understands what they are going through.

Murriel’s reach extends beyond the church to “The Murriel Foundation,” a nonprofit foundation he founded with his wife, Dr Ashleigh Murriel. He continues to build effective leaders by hosting camps where middle and high school students learn about career opportunities and how to build relationships (for example, how a gentleman should approach a woman). He also has a personal goal to mentor/train 100 pastors for whom he will serve as a resource.

Learn more about Cascade United Methodist Church: IG @cascadeumc.