A Confident Smile Never Goes Out of Style

Your Smile Speaks Volumes... Even Before You Say a Word

Why a smile matters... Q&A with Dr. Andrew Hall from The Studio for Exceptional Denistry:

Numerous studies suggest the simple act of smiling improves mood and makes people seem more attractive and intelligent. Please elaborate on this. Why is a smile important?   

The simple act of smiling can absolutely do all these things. In fact, one study found that genuine, intense smiling is associated with longer life. A simple smile can trigger the release of neuropeptides that improve your neural communication. It also causes the release of dopamine and serotonin, which can boost your mood. Think of smiling as a natural antidepressant. We are naturally drawn to people who smile. While more severe or negative facial expressions like frowns, scowls and grimaces effectively push people away, smiling is seen as more attractive—and people may even assume you have more positive personality traits if you're smiling. It can also make you look more youthful. The muscles used to smile also lift the face, making a person appear younger. So instead of opting for a facelift, just consider upgrading your smile so you can smile your way through the day—you'll look younger and feel better. 

What are the most common reasons why people don't show their teeth when they smile?  

It really just boils down to a lack of confidence in their smile. Some individuals smile with their mouths closed even when they are genuinely happy. If someone is insecure about their teeth, it may keep them from smiling with their mouth open. Crooked teeth, worn teeth, discolored teeth or even possibly missing teeth are some of the top reasons people hide their teeth while smiling.  

Why should they think about fixing those issues?  

A beautiful smile can change the story of your life, open doors to new relationships, bring new opportunities your way, and enhance your confidence and self-esteem. In terms of first impressions, your smile speaks volumes — even before you ever say a word. It’s the first thing people notice about you, and its power cannot be overstated. Let's not forget there are also functional benefits to, say, straightening your teeth or replacing a missing tooth.  

Braces used to be the primary method for correcting smiles. What other techniques and procedures are available today for straightening, whitening and making a smile the best it can be? 

While braces are still an option to help improve a smile, the three most common procedures for transforming a smile would be professional teeth whitening, clear aligner therapy such as Invisalign, and porcelain veneers. Clear aligners are an esthetic and comfortable option for orthodontic treatment and have gained immense popularity over the last decade. Clear aligners are plastic trays that fit over your teeth. Each plastic tray is slightly different and will apply a gentle pressure to your teeth to move them into alignment over time. Clear aligners provide a more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable alternative to traditional braces.

What are clients asking for most frequently these days?   

The popularity of porcelain veneers would make that the most frequent request. Veneers give us the ability to provide and change so many dimensions of a smile. These wafer-thin pieces of porcelain are custom made, including size, shape, and color for the person who is getting them.  They are then adhered to the front part of the tooth and can give you a confident smile for decades.  

Any advances on the horizon?  

Dentistry will always continue to advance—the area I see most affecting cosmetic dentistry will be AI. How so, you might ask? Patients really want to know what a new smile will look like on them—with AI we already have the ability to provide some in-face visualization for these patients so they can start to see what they would look like after a smile makeover. Currently, we can take a picture of a patient and, with a few clicks, can show them an AI-enhanced photo rendering some various options in smile design. One advancement on the horizon would then allow us to take this picture, modify the design and then quickly print a 3D model of the new smile. This would allow us to then try on a motivational mock-up of their selected smile in less than an hour. I currently offer this service—we call it a smile test drive—but it requires much more time and collaboration. I think this will be a huge benefit for patients to truly see and feel how powerful a smile upgrade can be for them.

What else should our readers know?  

I offer complimentary virtual consults. So, if they have any questions or want to know if they are a candidate for any of the procedures we discussed, they can get those answers from the comfort of their own home. It is a super simple process: Just request a virtual consult, which will ask you to take a selfie and pose your question. In return you will get a three- to five-minute personalized video from me answering your question and discussing the process to even include costs. I understand time is a valuable commodity and we want to allow patients to get the answers they deserve in the easiest possible way. 

Website: https://drandrewhall.com/
Facebook: @drandrewhall
Instagram: @dr_andrewhall

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