A Cool Night's Sleep

Alpharetta-based company makes summer sleeping easier

The Original PeachSkinSheets® was founded in 2013 and is based in Alpharetta. PeachSkinSheets affordable bed sheets are made from a breathable, high-performance athletic grade SMART fabric that is great for hot sleepers due to its thermal control and moisture-wicking properties. In addition, the ultra-soft brushed finish provides a softness level that parallels 1500 thread count cotton, but without shrinkage, wrinkles, and pilling. PeachSkinSheets thrives on being a quality company with a quality product and going the extra mile for customers.

PeachSkinSheets Founder and CEO Karen Levine left the corporate world at age 48 and founded The Original PeachSkinSheets. Karen’s goal was to offer a boutique sheet brand with sets priced under $100, and one that could better manage night sweats. Karen created PeachSkinSheets out of her own need for a product that didn’t exist: comfortable, breathable sheets under $100. She is married and has a son (31), daughter (25), and two stepsons (32 and 36). Her pets include two German shepherds named Ana and Diesel and a 6-pound Maltese named Sugie (short for Sugar).

Karen has been living in the Alpharetta area for over 15 years. She moved here for the quality of education for her children, first and foremost. "In addition to being postcard gorgeous, it is also an extremely safe area with excellent shopping, restaurants and kind people," says Karen. "There is nothing that can top Alpharetta. It has it all and then some! My favorite things to do these days are visiting the Fetch dog park with my two German shepherds, grabbing a bite to eat at Avalon, and walking the Greenway."

PeachSkinSheets come in 24 colors and are constructed with extra deep pockets that won’t slip off the mattress no matter how much you toss and turn. Truly, we challenge you to find dreamier bedding… and the experts agree!

“I recommend PeachSkinSheets to all my clients,” says sleep planner Christina Bergman Ribel. “Temperature control is the key to deep, restorative REM sleep, and these really do help keep your body regulated. Cooling sheets like PeachSkinSheets can be helpful during menopause, where shifts in body temperature, and sudden sweats interfere with your sleep. If you use light, natural fibers, it can actually even help prevent unclear skin.” Athletic grade performance, lightweight and airy microfiber wicks away moisture rather than just absorbing it like cotton and other fabrics, which helps people who suffer from night sweats.

This SMART moisture-wicking fabric helps warm sleepers stay cool and cool sleepers stay cozy, plus PeachSkinSheets are among the softest antimicrobial and hypoallergenic bedding on the market, which makes it perfect for all the kid and pet cuddle sessions.

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