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A Cozy Space

Tents and Forts Provide Hours of Entertainment and A Respite From the Busy World

I remember as a child spending hours upon hours building forts with my big sister. We'd gather every throw blanket and quilt from the house and drape it over furniture, and just when we’d created most solid, beautiful fort, it would be dinnertime, and we’d have to tear down our impressive creation.

Fast forward a couple of decades, and our children acquired the same passion for fort-building. When he was little, my youngest son would spend hours creating the perfect structure of pillows and blankets and chairs. It was a sight to behold.  

Luckily nowadays there are many beautiful tent options available online. Less assembly (and fewer pillows and blankets) required! Children can have a permanent tiny retreat in their own room.

Forts allow kiddos to retreat and take a moment for themselves to read a book or visit with their  toys or pet. It’s the perfect space for decompressing in an often over-scheduled world.