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A Cut Above

Infinite Decks Offers Something Truly Different

Article by Graham Johnson

Photography by Infinite Decks

Originally published in Edina Lifestyle

Carpentry was always something Mark King, owner of Infinite Decks wanted to do.  Since high school he had ambitions to not only build decks, but to be the best, “The competitor in me to always strives and do better and be better,” says Mark.  And from that ideology sprang Infinite Decks.  Infinite Decks is a “high-end custom, outdoor-specialty company,” says Mark.  That means they work on custom decks, metal pergolas, outdoor kitchens and other similar projects around the Twin Cities.  In accordance to Mark’s competitive nature, Infinite Decks strives to be the best: “We separate ourselves by bringing the quality of indoor craftsmanship outdoors.  We pride ourselves on our design and quality.”

After working with many different carpenters, contractors and landscapers, Mark came to realize that many decks were extremely similar in construction and design.  In that repetition, he saw an opportunity to do something different with customizable, high-end decks.  “No one else was selling that stuff so in order for us to build it, we had to do it ourselves,” says Mark.  So, in 2013, Mark started his own business Infinite Decks. Mark comments, “We got to this because I just didn’t want to build the basic stuff.  Everyone else can do that.”

Social media was something Mark was keen to utilize.  From the beginning, Mark created a Facebook and Instagram page to show off recent projects and showcase behind-the-scenes of the company.  “We were some of the first deck builders on there,” says Mark.  Unsurprisingly, their pages flourished due to the stream of photos of ongoing and completed projects.  Since that time, their social media has, “created a community that they were part of from the beginning,” says Mark.  Mark has even met clients and partners through their online presence. 

A key aspect of Infinite Decks is their custom materials including lighting and railings.  Mark credits their business partnerships for much of the company’s success: “It’s these types of products and relationships that helps us build and create these high-end custom products that separate us from others.”  Infinite Decks partners with Dekor Lighting for their custom lighting.  Dekor Lighting has created not one but several under-rail lights in honor of Mark and Infinite Decks called the “King light” and the “Infinite Light” respectively. 

Their custom railings come from Railcraft which offers a wide selection of colors and top profiles that are custom-welded and bent, as well as powder-coated rather than “assembled in your yard,” says Mark.  The choice of Railcraft was an easy one for Mark because with their product, “You just get way more options,” he says. 

By far the flashiest custom aspect of Infinite Decks’ builds is their StruXure louvered roofs.  StruXure louvered roofs are basically motorized pergolas that act as a roof when completely closed.  “It’s just a really cool option as opposed to a traditional porch roof, and you’re eliminating a lot of the natural sunlight where you dine and hang out with your family,” says Mark.  What makes the StruXure louvered roofs so useful is “when you’re not concerned about shade or staying dry, you can open the louvers and let the sunlight in,” says Mark.  Especially here in Minnesota where people want to extend the use of their decks earlier in the spring and later in the fall, “The structured louvered roof is just a great option,” says Mark. 

Infinite Decks also sets themselves apart by working year-round.  According to Mark, many of their customers assume projects have to go on hold after the first snow, but that just isn’t the case. “People don’t know that we build year-round,” says Mark.  The main difference of working in the winter is how the company sinks footings into the ground.  Using heat lamps, Mark is able to break through the frost in order to properly sink footings.  But otherwise work continues and “We just bundle up, drink hot coffee and hot chocolate during the day, and just bear through it really,” says Mark. 

From inception, Infinite Decks was created to do something different with outdoor spaces, and “To most people a deck is just a deck,” says Mark, “To us, it’s an extension of our home.  That’s kind of where we bring our detail and quality of the indoors out.”  And that sentiment is really what Infinite Decks is all about…creating a custom space for cook outs and family dinners; creating a home, and giving homeowners the options to make it truly unique.

For more, visit, or call (952) 522-DECK (3325). (Instagram: @infinitedecks).