A Darling Companion

"I believe if people are given information, most people will do good things." 

Kate Myers leans in and gives a sweet and spunky chihuahua a kiss. His name is Tim, and he is as you would expect—tiny. 

Kate has the knowledge to do good. And she does. 

“When I was 23-years-old, I came across box of puppies. Abandoned and on the side of the road in Oregon,” says Kate. “I called the local humane society and who said if I brought them there, they’d be killed. I hung up and did not call them back.” 

Kate then turned to a local non-profit which provided her with packets of information about animal overpopulation and welfare. She saw the problem and knew there had to be a solution. It was this moment that molded Kate’s career path and the rest of her life. 

“I graduated with a degree in advertising and public relations,” says Kate. “I took that knowledge, plus what I just learned, and became an education assistant with the local shelter.”

Later on, Kate became an animal control officer for Sonoma County in California and then an animal control director and executive director for the humane association in Washington state. Kate was also awarded Washington State Humanitarian of the Year in 2000. 

After 40 years, Kate now lives in Boulder and has redirected her focus to caring for companion animals while still educating the public on being a pet owner.  

“I’ve seen things that you can only imagine as an animal control officer,” says Kate. “But it’s animals at their core that is my true purpose.” 

Now retired, Kate runs Darling Companion where she is a full-time pet nanny and provides exclusive, overnight care in your own home for companion animals and special needs animals. The difference between a pet nanny and a pet sitter is akin to the difference between a children's nanny and a babysitter.  

“I try to never turn down a special needs animal,” says Kate. “It’s obvious how loved these animals are, and I care about my clients like they are my own.” 

Kate consistently cares for Mimi, a pug whose back legs recently became paralyzed. In order to go on a walk, Kate must strap Mimi into her wheelchair before heading out the door with her client’s other two dogs, which include Tim. 

Kate believes that providing the right information to pet owners can save relationships and educate the public on controlling the pet population and the welfare of all animals. 

“Our animals are our teachers, we are their comfort and support,” says Kate. “If we can perfect the relationship we have with animals, then we can change the world.” 

To learn more about Kate and Darling Companion, please visit DarlingCompanion.me/blog

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