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A Daughter's Love


Article by Radhika Patel

Photography by Caught The Light + Radhika Patel

A Mother is a Daughter’s Best Friend.

This resonates with me now more than ever, especially as my Mum, or should I say Mom for my fellow Americans, lives in London.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have a mother who has four sisters who are also my mother figures, my second moms if you will. Their strong bond and unity taught me the value of love and relationships with my sisters. My sisters are my cousins and my friends too. I have two older brothers, but we were raised to be close with all the family, which meant I had a strong female presence around me my whole life.

To my mother, my aunts, my sisters and beloved grandmothers, you taught me that:

Love is influence
Strength is influence
Unity is influence
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My mother taught me the importance of self-care and how to succeed in life; whether she knew it or not, she set an example each day. I learned quickly if one has high standards for themselves, they have high standards in all aspects of life—work, passions and relationships. Some of my fondest memories with the superwomen in my life are the simple things such as going shopping, getting our nails done or even going for a coffee. I remember watching my grandmother get ready for a party: hair, nails and makeup all on point! That's when I realized, this is where my mother gets it from. This is where I get it from!

To all the mothers in my life who allow me to be a mother figure in their children’s life, I hope to be just as good of an influence in their lives too.

The distance remains, geographically, but the bonds and memories will be as close as ever. Below you'll find some important mother figures in my life.

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My Aunt

My Grandmother

My Mother and her sisters!