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Strawberry Pistachio Tart

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A Delicious 180°

How the Owner of Farine Bakery & Cafe, Olivier Dispas, Successfully Pivoted from Software to Bake Goods. 

Tell us the inspiration behind opening Farine?

My wife, Stephanie, and I travel to Western Europe fairly often – both to see my family in Belgium, but also because we truly love the history, cuisine and vibe of the region. When we would travel with my two sons, we had to find restaurants and cafes that would be enticing and satisfying to children’s appetites. And we realized that we gravitated towards a specific type of eating experience – one that was warm, open, casual, and high quality. Farine draws from our collective experiences – a place that recalls the culinary traditions of Western Europe and is close to my roots, but also speaks to the artisanal quality of freshness and craftsmanship.

Tell us about your work history.

It’s a wonderful twist of fate – I actually came to the Eastside, when I was 15, as a foreign exchange student from Belgium and I spent a year at Interlake High School. Years later – after working with Microsoft in places like Cote d’Ivoire and San Francisco – I made my way back here to the Eastside. It’s been rewarding to participate in different cultures around the world, learning how to do business in different countries and regions.


Describe the interior design style of the Bellevue location.

Our interior design is centered on inviting our customers into the Farine experience and showcasing the talent of our team. When you enter, there’s a massive bakery window that lets you see our bakers making croissants, baking bread, and finishing our tarts.  And you can see into our kitchen window, as our team prepares all of our bistro items like our soups, salads and tartines.

My wife focused on the dining and customer spaces, drawing on her childhood experience of living in resorts and hotels. Everywhere we travel, she was always taking notes to understand the combination of function and style. The palette at our Bellevue location includes crisp white countertops balanced with a rich “Farine” blue, and highlights of warmth through the brass accents and wood floors.

What have you enjoyed most? And biggest challenge?

I have loved the people – our customers as well as our team. And I’ve loved building our Farine team – we care about their wellbeing, career development opportunities and building a culture of curiosity and learning. Our biggest challenge is keeping pace with demand – we regularly sell out of popular items.

Favorite thing on the menu?

I would have to say the Farine Basket – and of course an espresso!

  • Croissant Breakfast Sandwich
  • Cinnamon Bun Waffle
  • Strawberry Pistachio Tart
  • Merveilleux