A Delicious Mission

Celebrate National Cinnamon Roll Day on October 4th

I embarked happily on my mission searching for the perfect combination of cinnamon, sugar, and buttery goodness. Yet I quickly discovered choosing the best cinnamon roll is as impossible as choosing my favorite child. Just as my children possess unique qualities and endearing traits that make them beloved in their own right, each cinnamon roll I tasted offered its own distinct appeal, making it impossible to single out a definitive favorite. 

What constitutes cinnamon roll perfection (in my humble opinion)?

  1. Fluffy and Tender Dough:  The foundation of a delicious cinnamon roll lies in its dough. The outer layer should boast a delicate, golden-brown crust that adds a satisfying crunch while the inside remains pillowy soft. 

  2. Cinnamon-Sugar Swirl: The signature swirl is the heart and soul of a cinnamon roll. It should be generously spread throughout the layers of dough, boasting a perfect balance of cinnamon's warm spiciness and sugar's sweetness. 

  3. Decadent Frosting: The crowning glory of a cinnamon roll is its luscious frosting. Whether it be cream cheese based, vanilla glazed, or a creative twist, the frosting should be velvety, smooth, and rich. 

Franklin’s Finest

  1. Triple Crown Bakery 

Ooey-gooey, hand-rolled, caramel-drizzled brioche dough cinnamon rolls made from scratch daily using a recipe based on Award-winning Pastry Chef, Alena Vaughn’s Swedish heritage.

2. The Davis General 

Delicious rolls loaded with cinnamon, topped with homemade icing and a pat of butter - because, you know, everything is better with butter.

 Brentwood & Nolensville Picks

3. Papa C Pies 

Stop in or drive through to pick up Papa C Pies delectable grab-and-go non-GMO flour cinnamon rolls that are rolled by hand and inspired by a family tradition.

4. Nolensville Feed Mill Amish Market 

Delicious Amish baked deep dish pan cinnamon rolls are sold both fresh and frozen so you can enjoy some now and savor some later.

 Spring Hill & Columbia Top Choices

5. Grecian Family Restaurant and Bakery 

Based on a secret family recipe handed down to owners Sasa and Frank Georgalos, these baked fresh daily cinnamon rolls are worth the trip!

6. Marcy Jo’s Mealhouse and Bakery 

Baking over 60 pans of their famous cinnamon rolls each week, Marcy credits the addition of vanilla pudding as the secret to her heavenly cinnamon rolls.

In the end, I failed my mission. Perhaps it is not about picking a favorite or the best, but rather reveling in the impossible task of choosing a favorite. I hope you enjoy National Cinnamon Roll Day! Excuse me while I research on which date National Steak Day is celebrated.

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