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A Designer’s Dream

Take a peek inside the new design and fashion gallery of Signature Interiors

Article by Michelle W. Parnell

Photography by Randy Pace

Originally published in Evans City Lifestyle

Twelve years ago when Michael Siewart opened Signature Interiors, he quickly realized there were no suppliers in the area providing the cutting-edge design elements he craved. “As I was working with clients, I would have to go out of town to find something unique and different,” Michael remembers. “I pride myself on bringing a different aesthetic to my clients, going to these markets, and staying informed on design trends – the trends that are going to be classic trends and not just a fad that will fade out.” Over the years, Michael has accumulated a plethora of items to offer clients. As the inventory grew, his retails spaces struggled to contain it all.

“I’ve always had my own design studio in my stores where I would meet my clients,” says Michael. “Considering the smaller spaces I’ve had; those rooms were really all but a closet. I had so many samples that things were literally falling off the walls and stacked on the floor and on the bookshelves.”

With an ever-growing inventory and a desire to offer those in the CSRA a unique creative design outlet, Michael and his team opened a new store, Signature Interiors and Gifts, on Fury’s Ferry Road. “We opened December 4, 2020, and it has been everything we’d hoped it would be,” shares Michael. “I’m able to show all of the fabulous things that I have to offer. I can also purchase more and buy in at better levels so that I can pass those savings onto my clients. It’s one thing to make things look pretty, but it’s another thing to offer great value.”

What exactly can you expect to find in the new store? “We offer an abundance of inventory – rugs, lamps, bedding, furniture, and accessories - pretty much anything for your home,” says Ree Johnson, who helps manage the new store. “We have a great upholstery line that we can custom order any kind of upholstery and we offer custom sewing, which Michael does himself.”

With all the extra space, showcasing different options has become easier. “If someone comes in for a chandelier, I can show them two dozen chandeliers,” explains Michael. “If they come in for a rug, I can show them 100 samples and there are a dozen rugs hanging on the wall.“

In addition to all things needed to adorn your home, the store offers a selection of specialty gifts. “Although we do have a few things in our store that are expensive, not everything is,” shares Ree. “If you want to come in and buy a $10 gift, or even a $5 gift, you can come in and do that. We have a wide range of prices and we have a huge variety.”

Included in the store is Signature Soles, an area specifically dedicated to women’s shoes, clothing, and accessories. “I’m very proud of the design center. It’s amazing what all we have to offer our clients. But my passion is shoes and fashion, so my favorite things in the store are the shoes,” says manager Amanda Godfrey, whose enthusiasm for fashion inspired Michael to include Signature Soles among the galleries.

Tapping into Amanda’s passion is one example of how Michael utilizes the talents Ree and Amanda bring to the team. “My business has flourished because I’ve finally captured some amazing help,” explains Michael. “They manage everything Signature Mike and they allow me to be much more productive than I’ve ever been before. I tell them all the time ‘that’s my face as our logo, but I don’t look at that and see me. I look at that image and see all of us as a team’, because I couldn’t do everything I do without them.”

Visit Michael, Ree, and Amanda at the new Signature Interiors and Gifts located at 3505 Professional Circle on Furys Ferry Road, follow Signature Interiors on Facebook, and call (706) 447-1503 to set up a design consultation.