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Defining Your Space with Artisan Rug Gallery

It all began with a trip to South America. With his mind set to be a ski instructor, Jeff Deutsch made quite the expedition to another continent only to discover his love for unique and exotic finds. Deutsch found himself in misfortune when snow didn’t come that year in South America; however, he did stumble upon a new fortune during his time there: the beginning of a 30-year-old family business. 

Upon his return, after discovering the art of buying textiles and accent items from around the world, Jeff decided to open his first store in Crested Butte. Fast forward years later, he now has the original store, a gallery in RiNO and new to the roster: a showroom in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Both Jeff and his wife, Tiffany, have become subsistent in traveling the world and keeping an eye out for artistic, timeless, hand-woven rugs. At Artisan Rug Gallery, you are sure to find an array of styles that’ll turn any room into the essence of the home. 

Studio Collection - #12632 

Constructed with wool and silk, this abstract piece of art turned rug is a stunning piece that tells a story of familiarity. With the Studio Collection, admirers can’t help but pay attention to the intricate detailing and dynamic elements that this rug has to offer. To the likes of many of the rugs that come from Artisan Rug Gallery, this rug truly “defines the space” as Jeff and Tiffany Deutsch often say. 

This piece adds a nice touch to modern homes. The more in depth you look at this rug, the more likely you will feel as if you were looking at an art piece in your local museum. 

Plateau- III Ivory Charcoal - #12697

Reminiscent of nature, this particular rug reminded the couple of undulating rock formations. “The movement in the pattern creates a different view from every angle of the rug—which allows for maximum impact when placed in any space,” explain Jeff and Tiffany Deutsch. 

Plateau is a luxurious, comfortable underfoot made of 100 percent wool. Its high-low pile of ivory and charcoal is a pleasing aesthetic that will fit naturally in many homes. According to Jeff Deutsch, “a subtle rug can be the foundation to a room.” 

One thing the two entrepreneurs want their clients to expect when choosing Artisan Rug Gallery, is to expect to be shocked. Regardless of what your space looks like or what furniture fills it, rugs like the Plateau can tie your room completely together. 

Emerald Collection- #12453 

This construction of wool and bamboo silk contains many elements. The Emerald rug is comprised of several different patterns as the faded areas feather from blue to deep rust and bronze-like shades. The particular mix of tones allows for an approachable moment with clients and has the ability to thrive in a vast variety of design projects. 

“We are a destination showroom that is constantly growing,” Deutsch says. “We love to work with retail, businesses, and even designers.” Like many in their collection, this piece is fitting for any category of environment and offers a lot of flexibility for clients to work with. 

New Tribal Soul No. 16- #12448 

This piece is a modern-take on a traditional rug. Made of 100 percent wool, this rug is made up of an impressive color palette yet has a familiar approach with its pattern. New Tribal Soul No. 16 is perfect for anyone looking to mesh different styles together. 

This is a rug that becomes the focal point of the design. The way that this piece is weaved tells a story of a close acquaintance while proposing a new introduction. The colors, the patterns, and the overall style of this rug can leave room for your space to be aesthetically pliable.

Bedaya Shale- #12709 

Coming from India is the Bedaya Shale. This piece is made entirely of wool and creates a balanced, high-impact pattern with its black and steel blue color tones. The Bedaya Shale plays off of nature in the sense that it is reminiscent of rock fragments. The selling point for this rug is the attractive fact that it is a neutral piece for other pieces—whether they be furniture or works of art—to build off of. 

This rug is the epitome of what Jeff and Tiffany Deutsch believe to be the reason why their gallery is a strong contender in this industry. Like many of their other pieces, this rug is distinct in the sense that it offers a foundation. “The rug is the foundation of the room. It is the core,” Tiffany says. 

The Bedaya Shale is just that—the center of attention. It offers a strong sense of moodiness yet is a rug that can be fitting to a differing of spaces.

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