A. Dorsey Construction & Remodeling, LLC

The American Dream

Owner Andrew Dorsey of A. Dorsey Construction & Remodeling, LLC is providing people the American Dream – a safe, beautiful, and fulfilling space you can call home.  He pridefully told us, “We are keeping the craft alive and helping homeowners pave the way to build their own American Dream.  We don’t just build, we craft experiences and lifestyles.  It’s not just about having a house with four walls; you live your life experiences in that place, and we get to help make it a home.”

How did you get started?

“I graduated from Westfield Technical Academy in Construction Technology at the top of my trade and was advised by my shop teacher to get a degree in Civil Engineering.  While I studied Civil Engineering and Construction Management, I was working in the trade as much as possible.  Once I graduated, I went right into commercial construction; I was hungry to gain experience and prepare for building something reputable of my own.  After a few years of seeing the opportunities to help people overall, I knew it was time to build a business that could serve the community.”  Not long after, Andrew started an LLC of his own and became fully licensed and insured in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

What types of projects do you and your team lead?

“I have a great team of employees that focus on the little things.  We are personal, creative, and available.  My team specializes in carpentry and is proud of producing high-quality projects and home remodels.  From framing to finish, we take the lead to build or remodel your home or business; this includes new construction, additions, decks, kitchens, bathrooms, and more.  People who are ready to make a change to their home and want to claim their dream come to us.  I feel we have the responsibility to address and understand their desires and concerns.  We finish the job with a vision that has come to life and a happy customer.”

What motivates you?

Andrew lights up when he talks about building.  “Inspiration for my work is all around me.  The people who know me the most can tell you it doesn’t take much to get me talking about the trade or a recent project that was exciting.  Each project has a way of educating you in one way or another, and with my past experiences, I invest that knowledge into my employees and clients to help the most I can – such as offering a new idea to a client and helping with costing, so their vision can become a reality.  This happens as my business and employees grow every day, and I’m seeing projects come full circle.  That is what keeps me inspired the most.”

Virginia Maldonado, Office Manager, described Andrew as a New England guy – “born and bred” – who breaks the mold of your stereotypical contractor.  “Andrew is the type of builder you’re confident to have in your home and happy to share with all of your friends.  He is as great a communicator as he is a contractor, and the entire team works hard to keep you happy.”  

Call (413) 579-2827 to speak with the office of A. Dorsey Construction & Remodeling and get started on your dream.

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