A Family Business Generating Kindness

Texas Elite Generators is always keeping the community and their customers in mind

Article by Cheyenne Leitch

Photography by Cheyenne Leitch

Originally published in Cypress Lifestyle

Lacie and Brent Fridrich have been in the generator business for 20 years, but decided to start their very own Generator company in 2017. Texas Elite Generators boasts top of the line generators, expert installations and support with maintenance and monitoring. They have seen incredible growth since their business opened. “I think our greatest accomplishment is how quickly and how much we’ve grown,” said Brent. “We’ve doubled or tripled every year since we’ve been in business.” They are dedicated to supplying power to those who need it in times of emergency, severe weather or pesky unscheduled blackouts. However, the thing that matters most to Lacie and Brent is their customers.

“We like to focus on customer service,” said Lacie. “When a customer calls, I’m going to ask how their dog is or how their grandma is or about whatever it is that we talked about the last time we spoke, because we want things to feel personal. We want our customers to know that we care, we want them to feel like family.”

Customer service is a key component to Lacie and Brent’s business and it is what they strive for in their work, every day. Making sure their customers feel like family is so important to them because they are a family-owned business. “We’ve been married for 18 years,” said Lacie. “My daughter’s husband works for us and Brent’s high school friend works for us. A lot of people that we are very close to work for us and with us, it’s like a big family.” Brent and Lacie met through Lacie’s older brother. Brent also used to work for Lacie’s dad. So, working with family is nothing new to the both of them. They are so used to working with people that they are close to, and that closeness extends to their customers.

Lacie and Brent really showed how much they care about their customers during the power crisis brought on by the severe weather conditions back in February, 2021. They also showed just how they compare to their competitors. “During the winter storm, when a lot of people were out of power, a lot of generator companies were not answering their phones, so we were getting their overflow,” said Lacie. “We were working day and night to help these people and it was just me, Brent and one other person.” Lacie and Brent went out onto the icy roads to make sure that their customers felt safe and secure in their houses during those harsh weather conditions. “It wasn't fun,” said Brent. “But we knew that there were people, especially elderly people without a generator and they needed it, so we did what we had to do.”

Servicing this community is important to Lacie and Brent because this is their community. Brent grew up in Cypress and went to Cypress Creek High School and Lacie grew up close by in Jersey Village and went to Jersey Village High School. Their loved ones live here, friends of their loved ones live here, so spreading kindness and caring for their customers who live in this community comes easily. Their business is their family and they add new members every time a new customer calls.

Texas Elite Generators

16822 FM 2920, Tomball, TX 77377



“We like to focus on customer service...We want our customers to know that we care, we want them to feel like family."

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