A family (fashion) affair

'We have always loved fashion, even from a young age'

In a beautiful old home nestled in the southeast side of the city near downtown Cullman, local lovers of fashion know what you’ll find. If you don’t know, read on to find out about Three Pears, a lovely boutique clothing store owned by a mother and her two daughters.

“We have always loved fashion, even from a young age. After years of talking about opening a shop, God provided the opportunity to do just that. In 2005, we opened our little 800-square-foot building on Fourth Street Southeast, and Three Pears Shoe Outlet began,” said Owner Carrie Taylor. “My mother (Joan Smith), sister (Kim Ydel) and myself started the store, hence the three and pears; it was just shoes at the time (so we played off of the word), but the fruit seemed to stand out, which is what we wanted to do.”

She continued, “At that time, in 2005, we just had department store close-out shoes. We were small and quaint, but we had high fashion and great prices. Along the way, we relocated to our current location at 118 Fifth St. SE and evolved into what we are now, which is a women’s specialty boutique.”

Taylor shared a favorite quote: “Age and size are only numbers. It’s the attitude you bring to clothes that makes the difference.” – Designer Donna Karan

What are some of the must haves or hottest items in clothing for back to school? And for those of us out of school?

“Skirts with volume with ladylike silhouettes, preppy with a twist, matching sets and shimmery metallics and reds are going to be the fashion statement this fall,” Taylor said. “Our goal is always to have fashion that spans age groups. You can take the same essential pieces and make them age appropriate by customizing them to each person’s style.”

What about footwear?

“Platforms are staying a top item for this fall, and Western boots and lug sole loafers are also hot items in footwear,” said Taylor. “Details, details, details!”

What is something about your store that people might not know?

“Our shop is located in one of the oldest homes in Cullman in its original location,” she said. “It was built in the 1880s.”

The ladies of Three Pears are well versed in fashion, and they also have an eye on the community and its needs.

“We love to give back through nonprofits that serve our local community,” said Taylor, “especially those that focus on providing shoes and clothing to those in need.”


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