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A Fresh Smile in Wayne

Justine Schepis Brings Modern Techniques And A Magnetic Personality To Local Dentistry

Before you set foot into JSC Dentistry, take every clichéd notion you have about dentists and leave them at the door. Justine Schepis will not meet your expectations.

In fact, she’ll likely exceed them.

About a year ago, Justine took over the practice that was run by longtime Wayne dentist Dr. Frank Russo. She says that the transition was pretty seamless — and credits her team for making it that way. The staff there is a mix of longtime holdovers and new additions. But the common thread is how much they all care. “They’re all amazing. They’re wonderful. They’re all just so conscientious to take the time to do what’s right for their patients,” she says with gratitude.

Justine began her journey into the world of dentistry through another heroic venture: she was an EMT. But the stress that came with that wasn’t for her. Her light went on when her uncle — a family role model for her — asked her to temporarily assist him in his dental practice. 

She had found magic. The procedures weren’t just life-changing for his patients, they were also life changing for her. “It was the best experience of my life,” she says. “People would come in, embarrassed by missing teeth, in such pain that they can’t eat, and you can find a solution for them pretty much right away. It’s instantly gratifying. I love it.”

In addition to her practice, she makes time to help her community — and beyond. She’s worked with an after-school outreach program, teaching kids about proper dental care, donated her time to an international group based in New York to help victims of torture. She spent a week in Nicaragua for people with no access to dental care. She finds her place in this world giving back, sharing her passion in order to help others. Yup, you might call her the Bono of dentistry.

“The thing that I’m most proud about is that we really try to do things the right way. We’re looking at things from a different perspective. Did your dentist screen for cancer? We do that, because it’s the right thing to do. One of our hygienists noticed a lump on top of someone’s head, of all things. He hadn’t noticed it before; his wife is tiny, she hadn't’ seen it either.. She suggested he get it checked. It ended up being a melanoma. Our staff really thinks about everything. We’ll gamify things and I’ll make it a show during a procedure for scared kids. That stuff matters.”

”If I had to tell you anything, it’s just that we’re going to take care of you the best we can, and do everything we can to make you the healthiest as possible.” she vows. “From the front office to the back, we’re going to care about you, I promise. We’re a family practice. One of the best parts is getting to know all of the families here over the long term. I’m really proud of this office and the family we have here.”

In those off-times when she’s not caring for the mouths of Wayne and beyond, the Kinnelon native spends her off hours snowboarding with her husband and hiking with their Goldendoodle puppy, or relaxing with a good book and a cup of tea. But don’t expect her to stay still for very long. 

As one Google review put it, very succinctly: “Lucky to have them in Wayne.” 

And these are the true words of mouth. After one visit to the office, you’re likely to have an entirely new view of what a dentist should be.