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A Great Haircut On Your Schedule

Tailored Men Updates The Barbershop Experience

What makes a barbershop great? Besides a good haircut, most people say a fun, laid-back, positive atmosphere. A place where people joke, laugh and have a good time.           

Tailored Men in Downtown Lawrence offers all that plus one big difference not found at most barbershops—appointments. Customers can schedule a specific time for a haircut instead of waiting for the next free chair. They also get their favorite stylist, who is not only a master with the clippers but also feels like family.           

“You schedule a three o’clock appointment for a haircut, and when you walk in, you know you’re going to get a haircut, instead of going to the barbershop where you’ve got an hour wait,” says Jessica Vande Velde, co-owner of the shop with fellow stylists Shelby Browning and Kylee Belanger. “In other barbershops, you’re working to get bulk volume out the door. Here, our focus is to talk to our clients. You get to know them. Make them feel comfortable instead of just getting them out the door.”    

Vande Velde worked with Browning and Belanger at another city barbershop for 14 years. The working moms wanted to keep cutting hair but needed set schedules. That’s why they opened Tailored Men one year ago. Another former co-worker, Allison Fulks, recently signed on to the team.

“We’ve been killing it!” says Vande Velde. “We were like, alright, let’s jump, and we’ll see if we float. We’re floating, and it’s been awesome!”

The shop is a bright, modern space, with all the tools of the trade stored in a Husky tool chest at each cutting station. While they specialize in men’s grooming—all the trendy haircuts, shampoos, beard and mustache trimming, and nose, eyebrow and ear waxing—they also serve kids and women who want short clipper cuts.

Tailored Men is at 12 East 8th Street. Make appointments online at or call 785.424.7042.