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A Half Century Old "Outdoor Toy Shop"

Mountain Chalet: It's All About the Mountain Lifestyle

There’s only one place in town that sells fresh mountain air. Okay, they don’t sell air, but they do sell all the gear you need to get to the top of our rocky summits to breathe it all in.

The Prospect of Adventure

For over five decades, Mountain Chalet has been a local staple for all things outdoor: hiking, climbing, skiing, you name it. The oldest outdoor store in the state, owners Jim and Elaine Smith endearingly refer to it as their “outdoor toy shop.” The minute you walk into the shop you can feel the prospect of adventure, and it’s clear that the mountain lifestyle is the heart and soul of the Chalet.

As the third owners of Mountain Chalet, the Smiths have stayed true to the shop's rugged vision. With 40+ years of experience in skiing and 30+ in climbing, their experience lends greatly to the scope of all the store offers. The Smiths offer a wealth of resources, training, and education for getting outdoors.

Gear + Knowledge

“If we would use it, we have it in the store,” Jim explains, “but every adventurer and adventure is so unique that it’s important to us to have a staff that is well versed and passionate about the outdoors so we can offer the customer not just the gear they need, but knowledge.”

The Smiths and staff at Mountain Chalet also have a real passion for staying on top of the latest gadgets and technologies. 

“What can we say? We’re gearheads,” they laugh.  “We love gear, and we use every piece of it, so we know first-hand exactly what we’re recommending to customers. We aren’t just a store that sells outdoor gear, we’re a haven and community that fosters outdoor adventures.”

“We wouldn’t do this if we didn’t love adventure ourselves,” adds Elaine. “Our ultimate goal is to get people outdoors. I mean, you can hardly call it retail, we just love being involved with our customer’s adventures and will assist in any way we can to best prepare them for all they set out to do.”

So, before your next trek, stop by the shop to elevate your adventure, and as they say at the Chalet: Be local. Be inspired. Be Chaletan.

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