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Earth Animal at 925 Post Road East.

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A Health Food Store for... Animals?

Millions of Earth Animal Customers Can't Be Wrong

Susan and Dr. Bob Goldstein started out like any other couple: he, a (now holistic) veterinarian, she, manager of his practice. It was the heady days of the 70s, when people mixed dog food with water to create a “broth” for reasons unclear, a man made millions selling rocks and calling them “pets,” and pet product companies had the great idea to put nerve-gas on flea collars to paralyze pests.

It was arguably not the most auspicious time to be a pet.

Now, Dr. Bob began his career as a conventional veterinarian before his two Aha moments. When their dog, Leigh, developed crippling arthritis, Dr. Bob routinely injected her with cortisone and chemicals to ease the pain. Instead of showing signs of improvement she began showing signs of chronic drug use. Around the same time they noticed a parade of pups suffering from liver and kidney problems caused by poisonous flea collars.

Good for business. Bad for animal-lovers.

I imagine Susan and Dr. Bob blinked once or twice before unwittingly hurling themselves into the next phase of their lives. They met Master Herbalists, botanists and American Indians and developed all-natural supplements and powders to protect pets from fleas. They created vitamins for Leigh and fed her juices and home-cooked foods. According to Susan, these were “amazing transformations for us… We had no idea what we were doing.” But it worked!

By 1979, while we feasted on Cup O’ Noodles and ignored the sweat-inducing properties of synthetic fabrics, Susan opened a health food store in Westport for Rover and Fluffy.

Most of us scratched our heads in confusion while she and Dr. Bob created organic, all-natural, sustainable treats and vitamins for animals, including an organic dog food for Newman’s Own.

But she who has the last laugh and all that. Today, Earth Animal is a global brand and the Goldsteins are innovating at full force, creating incredible earth-friendly food, treats, supplements for our furry bffs.

Wisdom™️ Dog Food:

Aka Dr. Bob’s “Dream Dog Food”. Nutrient-dense Wisdom combines chicken or turkey, Dr. Bob’s Vitality cubes, and fruits/vegetables. That’s all.

Yes, the food contains birds because dogs eat meat. A tricky and unavoidable situation for animal-lovers, so the Goldsteins ensure all poultry is raised with compassion, to ensure they have “a life well-lived.” As reducetarians, they are also developing no-meat dog food and treats.

No-Hide®️ Treats and Chews:

Treats made from pampered chickens and maybe a few other wholesome ingredients. Chicken Cutlet Brush-On, pure chicken with “minerals and antioxidants in tasty olive oil marinade” sounds like something I’d like to eat.

Herbal Remedies and Supplements:

Earth Animal’s remedies help heal everything from insect bites, aches & pains, worms, urinary dysfunction and, my favorite, Stop Eating Stool. They also have a new line of CBD oils, because pets are just like people.

  • Susan and Dr. Bob Goldstein.
  • Earth Animal at 925 Post Road East.
  • It all started with their rescue golden retriever.
  • Dr. Bob's Wisdom dog food.