A Healthy Smile is a Beautiful Smile

Have you ever thought, “I would love a more beautiful, confident smile! Only, it’s purely cosmetic and I shouldn’t be so vain…”? 


The orthodontists at Webb Orthodontics hear that all the time but, spoiler alert, virtually all of those patients enjoy health benefits from straightening their teeth!

Dr. Jeff Goldsmith of Webb Orthodontics says that when teeth are not aligned properly and out of their proper place, they are at an increased risk for health-related consequences.

"There is an extremely high correlation between cosmetics and function when it comes to teeth," Dr. Goldsmith says. "For example, we commonly see patients come to us because of the crowding in their upper or lower, front teeth. What they see is an aesthetic issue but what we see as orthodontists is a plaque-trap that is difficult to clean which could lead to future cavities or gum recession--which means needles, drills, and pain. By straightening the teeth, yes, the cosmetics are dramatically improved, however, so is the ability to better maintain the health of those teeth and avoid those things."

And although patients primarily come in due to an aesthetic concern, Dr. Webb points out that oftentimes, the symptoms will only get worse unless the underlying issue is addressed - and the earlier the better.

"A common issue we see is adults that are starting to see gum recession on certain teeth, " Dr. Webb says. "Frequently, the recession is from what we call ‘traumatic occlusion’ or when teeth are not contacting properly during chewing. At our office, we always take a 3D-scan in just 2 minutes - that emits no radiation - and evaluate the patient’s bite on a screen right in front of them. We can verify if improper contacts are causing traumatic force on teeth leading to abfraction (microfractures of enamel) and gum recession. It’s never been easier to make a proper diagnosis and communicate it effectively with patients than it is with today’s technology. Webb Orthodontics is pleased to offer this state-of-the-art technology to patients.”

And although it's a nice perk, a gorgeous new smile isn't the main point of orthodontic treatment.

"From the Doctor’s perspective, orthodontics isn't just about cosmetics or a pretty smile," Dr. Niki Mason says. "Although that is the main driver that brings patients through the door, it is important to address the underlying issue and improve their function to set up the patient for long-term success… otherwise, what is the point? Well-aligned and well-functioning teeth are easier to clean, maintain and will last longer. I think more and more people are coming to value their dental health and overall health.”

Spoiler alert #2 - 99.9% of patients can be treated with Invisalign at Webb Orthodontics. Even if you have been told you are not an Invisalign candidate, the doctors at Webb Orthodontics have been designated a top 1% Invisalign provider in the world and can most likely tackle your issue with Invisalign.

"With the advances in Invisalign, orthodontic treatment has never been more comfortable, convenient or faster," says Dr. Jamie Martin. “There are certainly differences between Invisalign and braces, and one might be a better fit for individual patients, but we are confident we can help almost every person that walks through our doors with whichever system they prefer.”

When you are ready to engage in your smile-improvement journey, The team at Webb Orthodontics is well-equipped to help you meet your goals. Every orthodontist on the team went to dental school, just like your general dentist, but then went back to school for 2-3 years to study orthodontics and now specialize their practice in orthodontics all day, every day. 

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