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It all started with a stencil project. To learn the technique, Lillian Beretta commuted from New Jersey to The Finishing School in NYC. In time, her faux painting skills became a full-fledged business. However, there was a missing piece - marketing. That’s when she teamed up with her daughter, Gabby, and Design Muse became an online source of style ideas and inspiration. They now offer full-service home design and event planning. 

While Lillian’s style tends to be “more is more,” Gabby feels that “less is better.” The combination is what makes them a great pair. Backed by a solid crew, they can incorporate everything from vision and design to project management, artistry, and carpentry. Lillian attributes their success to always saying “yes” and then figuring it out, again and again. 

This team has worked with some big names too! Last year they partnered with Dillard’s for Jessica Simpson’s Open Book tour.  Entertaining comes naturally to their family, but they also enjoy working with local homeowners to create a space they love. Gabby says, “I have some dream clients. One of them lives just over in Wright Farms.” 

While some designers prefer to recreate the same look, Design Muse Styling takes a unique and client-driven approach to each project. Gabby has a knack for reading a person and getting to the core of their needs. Their customers wholeheartedly agree and gush about their professionalism, attention to detail, and talent beyond words! They strive to deliver white-glove service and a finished space that the owner is proud of as a company. 

Joe Beretta, Lillian's late husband who is at the heart of the family business, passed away in 2016 from end-stage heart failure. Lillian shares that he always encouraged them to pursue the things they liked. In fact, it was his prompting that initially pushed her to turn her hobby into a business. 

Lillian knows it was a God thing that they moved to Nashville in 2014. Shortly after, Joe needed a VAD (Ventricular Assist Device) and Vanderbilt was the only hospital in the area that could do the surgery. While Joe’s room was always filled with family and friends, they became keenly aware of the isolation of others who traveled for the procedure. Because patients are required to stay in the area for 4-6 weeks afterward, financial hardship was also a real concern. 

The Joe Beretta Foundation is keeping his legacy alive by assisting families affected by heart failure. For Nashville, the ultimate goal is to have dedicated housing for VAD families and they are extremely close to making this dream come true! Gabby believes her dad, who was always very generous, would be incredibly proud of their work. Learn more about their upcoming events including the Heart & Home Holiday Party at tjbf.org.

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