A Hidden Gem

Outsider Mark Farrell

Hidden in a nondescript office park in Spring Hill is the U.S. headquarters of Buffalo Craft Company, LLC. This is where owner Mark Farrell immerses himself in the art of custom jewelry design and fabrication. Not just for the rich and famous, Mark makes custom jewelry an approachable, accessible and enjoyable experience for everyone.  

Growing up with an unorthodox way of thinking and seeing things, Mark relished being an outsider. In his youth, he sported a multi-colored mohawk, wore flagrant fashions and discovered his love of being outside surrounded by nature. Albeit a bit more refined, Mark is still a self-proclaimed outsider. His body is a creative canvas for body art and he is still literally an outsider, often hiking the trails at Henry Horton State Park and sharing his love of nature with his wife, Kate, and their three young children. During our interview, Mark pointed out passers by who, wrapped up in technology, mindlessly walked past the beauty of their (and our) surroundings. Noticing the things nobody thinks about led Mark to merge his passion for jewelry design and fabrication with his love for art and nature to create Elegant World, his earth-conscious line of wearable high-end jewelry art. The hyper-realistic, nature based line features handcrafted stackable rings, elegant necklaces and delicately designed earrings. Each piece is steeped in nature and parallels a life story. The Journey ring, for example, has a strongly pronounced, uneven texture, akin to the bark of a mature tree, symbolizing the memories added each year of life. The little bumps in the design signify the ups and downs that come with every life fully lived. Meant to be worn or gifted to a special someone, the Journey ring celebrates strength, resilience, and life itself. In keeping with nature’s ability to tell a life story, the Parasol earrings celebrate whimsy, imagination and life’s magic. Inspired by the incredible construction of forest mushrooms often found hidden beyond majestic trees and shady branches, the delicate gills and intricate ridges have been perfectly captured in the design and fabrication of these earrings.

Mark enjoys making things people want but cannot find elsewhere; things that do not exist except as a vision in his clients mind. In his view, “Custom jewelry design and fabrication isn't my job - it is my passion!”

So skilled is Mark, that Walton’s Jewelry often refers those clients looking for a hand-crafted, customized piece only to him.  It is an honor he does not take lightly. Recently, Mark took a client's deceased grandmother's bracelet, melted the metal, and reset the diamonds and sapphires into 10 custom-designed pieces for her survivors. Mark continues, “I am always honored and grateful when a couple chooses me to design and create their symbols of eternal love.” 

Creating custom, heirloom quality jewelry for individual customers is a privilege. To collaborate with Mark to make your jewelry vision come to life or to immerse yourself in Mark’s vision, Elegant World, visit  BuffaloCraft.com

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