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A Holistic Approach to Food

The Reason Behind Mettacasa's Organic, Vegan and Vegetarian Foods

In American culture, we learn about modern medicine and how prescription medications can make us feel better, become healthier, and heal. While the advancements in modern medicine can be life-saving, there are holistic approaches to help build stronger and healthier bodies from the inside out. Samantha Kowalczyk, owner of Mettacasa Cafe, shares her knowledge and story with the Scotch Plains community, the place she has called home for decades.

In 2011, Kowalczyk tragically lost her sister to cancer and immediately became interested in how food plays a role in our health. Two years later, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and it was then that she took her previous knowledge of how foods impact us and her degree in Integrative Nutrition to create her own healing plan. She has studied over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle techniques, and coaching methods in her career and has used her subject matter expertise to create recipes and nutritional programs to unlock and enhance our natural healing power.

“I felt that some modern medicine is only a ‘band-aid’ and does not address the root of the issue…I believe a whole, unrefined, or minimally refined plant-based food diet and the exclusion of meat, dairy products, eggs, and highly refined foods such as bleached flour and refined sugar in today's world would benefit anyone’s health,” she says. 

Her passion and extensive nutritional research paved the way for her to create Mettacasa Cafe and help those in her community that may be feeling the way she did or who are simply looking for a healthier, holistic lifestyle. 

As a certified Holistic Health Coach and Cancer survivor, Kowalczyk loves helping people discover healthier ways of eating and educating them on how food can benefit their mind, body and soul. The bright and colorful cafe menu is specifically designed to be vegetarian and vegan-friendly. Each dish is packed with fresh flavors that are healthy and delicious. With unique options such as coconut ginger pumpkin soup and cookie dough hummus, Kowalczyk seamlessly combines whole food ingredients to create unique, indulgent dishes. 

If you’re looking to transition into a food-guided wellness journey and are unsure where to start, Mettacasa Cafe makes it easy with a one-on-one nutrition consultation to create a personalized menu based on what your goals and food preferences are. Another option is a three-day organic, vegan and gluten-free cleanse that includes a breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner, natural supplements and herbal teas that are designed to reset your digestive system.

“What I personally love about our cleanse is that there is actually food in it! Many cleanses will only offer liquids and while I always did well on them, I missed eating,” says Kowalczyk. “We offer 3 days of breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack along with supplements, herbal teas and a Facebook page to keep you accountable and asking questions.” 

On top of all these great options, Mettacasa Cafe also offers a convenient delivery service that includes customizable meal plans to the Scotch Plains, Fanwood and Westfield area. 

While food is a great resource to appease the mind, body, and soul, Kowalczyk also promotes other ways to achieve a fulfilling, holistic lifestyle. Her personal favorites include yoga, acupuncture and meditation. 

“Yoga helps with mental wellness which can hurt or help your physical well-being, [and] I’ve been seeing Lauren at TLC Acupuncture for ten years,” she says. 

TLC Acupuncture along with Root to Rise Yoga are both located in the same space as MettaCasa Cafe at 2015 Westfield Avenue in Scotch Plains, New Jersey. TLC, Root to Rise, and Mettacasa all share the belief in holistic healing through the mind, body, and soul. 

Kowalczyk has perfected natural healing and spreads her knowledge of food through Mettacasa Cafe. Here is just a sneak peek at the yummy goodies you can indulge in there – the recipe for her famous vegan banana bread!

·       3 ripe bananas 

·       1/3 cup brown sugar, 1/3 cup white sugar

·       2 tsp vanilla

·       1/3 cup coconut oil

·       2 cups AP flour

·       1 tsp cinnamon

·       1 tsp salt

·       1 tsp baking soda

·       1 cup walnuts

Set oven to 350. Smash bananas in a bowl. Add sugars, vanilla, and oil. Mix with a wooden spoon. Add in flour. Sprinkle the salt, cinnamon and baking powder over the flour. Mix. Add in walnuts. Mix. Put in a greased bread pan. Add some extra walnuts on the top and sprinkle a little brown sugar over the top. Cook 1 hour, 4 minutes.

“I felt that some modern medicine is only a ‘band-aid’ and does not address the root of the issue."

Her discovery and passion paved the way for her to create Mettacasa Cafe and help those in her community that may be feeling the way she did or are simply looking for a healthier, holistic lifestyle.