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Located on the banks of Cedar Lake in the beautiful Minneapolis neighborhood of Calhoun-Isles, the Jones-Harrison Senior Living residence has been housing and caring for seniors for over 130 years.

“One of the reasons it’s been successful for so long is the commitment of the neighborhood we’re in,” says President and CEO, Annette Greely. “It’s been a pillar for us in terms of support and volunteering. Also, the board has always had a very progressive attitude about building towards the future. Jones-Harrison was founded by women and had an all-female board up until 2000. And, the CEOs have mostly been women.”

A nonprofit facility, residency is not based on income. “It’s for people who feel our neighborhood is a good fit, or it’s close to their families, or it’s that we provide a service that they want,” says Annette. “We have private pay and also work with people who need financial assistance.”

Assisted living, memory care, and a short term stay unit are all connected on its campus, and its focus is on seniors aged 62 and older who want to feel like they’re in a true home. “We’re in a beautiful residential area. We’re near the Minnesota parks and Cedar Lake is right behind us. And since the campus is connected, assisted living residents can easily go visit a friend or a spouse in the nursing home.”

The Jones-Harrison Senior Living residence is also close to downtown Minneapolis, so there are many places for seniors and their families to venture out to shop, eat, and have fun. In addition, it’s conveniently located on a bus line and has access to both Uber and Lyft. Of course, there are plenty of offerings inside the residence as well to keep seniors happy, healthy and engaged.

“Since we’re a smaller campus and we’re individually owned, we don’t have any larger entity above us telling us what to do, so we can really tailor what we do for our residents and work with them and our families,” says Annette. “Our boutique size allows us to meet individual needs.”

Before COVID-19, the facility had a very strong relationship with the Minnesota Arts Council, which enabled staff to bring in dance, theatre and music to entertain the residents. Teachers would also often come in to provide painting and pottery lessons. Annette says that once regulations lessen, these opportunities will once again be available, and they can’t wait!

In addition to focusing on mentally stimulating activities, Jones-Harrison also helps seniors keep their bodies healthy and fit. There are wellness programs where seniors can take advantage of a therapeutic heated pool and exercise equipment, and get advice from dedicated wellness staff.

Other popular amenities include a restaurant-style dining room, a home theater, a full-service salon, a library and reading lounge, and beautiful outdoor patios and gardens.

The safety of its residents and staff is, of course, always a top priority. As of mid-May of this year, the residence had reached an 80% vaccination rate with its staff, which exceeds state and national levels. “And we have been testing our residents and staff on an ongoing basis,” says Annette. They’ve also worked with residents’ families to get them vaccinated and tested.

“We provide really great care,” she says. “And Jones-Harrison is very blessed. Up until COVID, which changed it a little, we had an 86% retention rate with our staff. We have some great nurses and some great aides, which is the one thing that impressed me when I came here a year ago. They are very kind and giving.”

Staff is treated well, thus the high retention rate. “We promote their dreams and if they want to become nurses, we have career paths for them and can offer some financial support,” she says. “We can also connect them with organizations that can help support them too.”

Even with such a great staff, the facility is always looking for volunteers to bring even more joy to the seniors. “The biggest requirement is that they need to love working with seniors. They can bring whatever their skills are – whether it’s gardening or art, or just reading, talking or sitting with someone.”

Although Jones-Harrison receives federal and state funding, donations are always greatly needed and appreciated. “Some of the things that we want to provide our seniors are not always covered, so donations are very important since they enable us to get those extras to allow our residents to feel like they’re still part of the community and remain vital and thriving,” says Annette.

“For example, they want a rickshaw bike so they can go out for bike rides. The residents can sit in the front and it’s an electric assist bike. We’ve been working hard on getting that. Donations will also enable us to obtain a much-needed new kiln, and to have musicians, bands, and entertainers come in. Our residents deserve the best.”

For more information on the facility or on becoming a resident, or to donate or volunteer, go to 3700 Cedar Lake Ave. (612) 920-2030.

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