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A Hometown Staple

Fazendin Realtors Goes Above & Beyond for their Community.

For more than 55 years, Fazendin Realtors has provided the Twin Cities metro with top-of-the-line real estate services. At the end of the day, what has kept them going is helping families in the community find their next home, and offering personalized service to each and every client.
In 1965, Fazendin Realtors started in the backroom of an ice cream shop in Wayzata. The family-run business has grown tremendously since their humble beginnings, but the level of customer service and treating others with the care and attention they deserve remains the same. “The founder and my grandfather, Roger Fazendin, was just an excellent human being,” says Roger “Andy” Fazendin, who is currently the owner and broker of Fazendin Realtors. “He was a World War Two vet and he was an artist; he was a very creative person.” While times have changed, the principle that guides Fazendin Realtors remains the same. “We still do the right thing. Do it ethically, and ultimately that will pay dividends in the end.”

Pushing Forward
While Roger was much more of the creative type, and a fantastic salesman, he set the company up for success by focusing on developing neighborhoods and then selling them. However, once his son, Dan Fazendin, got involved in the mid-1970s, things really started to take off. “He brought in much more business acumen to the business. Less of an artist, and more of a methodical business person. He set the company up with a great financial footing,” Andy shares. “We were able to survive in the early 1980s when interest rates shot up. We were one of dozens of small family-owned real estate companies, and by 1984 we were the only one left. We did that by consolidating very quickly, and we really held down the fort.”
Throughout the past 55 years, Fazendin Realtors has been able to maintain their status as family-owned and operated, and they have not been bought out by bigger entities. “I think that has really set us apart.”

Hiring the Best of the Best
A successful business would be nothing without the people working there, and Fazendin Realtors is no exception. “We have always taken great care in deciding which agents we bring on, and I have learned through very successful business people that is the thing to really pay attention to the most,” explains Andy. The business wants agents they feel will jive well with the company’s cohesive culture, are driven to succeed, and are committed to serving their clients real estate needs. “You have to surround yourself with good people, with the people who will bring you success.”
All of the agents at Fazendin Realtors are fully trained and work full-time. There are no part-time agents, which means customers can expect the best kind of service. “What our customers can expect and what they deserve is a fully knowledgeable and experienced agent. We really try for this customized approach for our clients. We view our clients as people and as family units, not just a number that will help us reach some sales goal.”
What sets Fazendin apart from other corporate realtor groups is their ability to really be nimble and flexible as things in the market change. “We also have a great group of cohesive agents. We collaborate a lot, especially these past couple of years when the market has really been crazy and evolving. This is a huge benefit for our clients,” Andy says. “When you hire Fazendin Realtors you aren’t just hiring one person, you are hiring this whole group of agents that is working together cohesively as well as a very large support staff.”

Community Involvement
Fazendin Realtors also strives to not only be leaders in providing excellent real estate service, but show up for the communities they support. “Being good community members is one thing, but we want to take that to the next level. We want to be leaders and get involved in the local organizations that we serve.”
Currently, Fazendin Realtors supports a variety of churches, youth sports teams, and encourages their agents and brokers to get involved in the community with what they are passionate about—whether that be coaching a local team or getting involved in local schools.
The business started the Community Cares committee, which is an idea that came directly from the Fazendin agents in the wake of George Floyd’s murder and the following unrest. “It’s no secret that the real estate industry has been culpable in the misdeeds in the lack of fairness in housing in the Twin Cities,” Andy shares. “That really bothers us, and we want to try to correct some of those wrongs.” The initiative gives back to the community in ways such as food drives and supporting organizations who help families and children move into stabilized housing.
Fazendin Realtors also founded Housing for Heroes, an exclusive program that provides direct rebates to active and retired veterans, firefighters, police officers, and emergency medical technicians who are buying or selling a home. “To me, getting involved with this was a no-brainer because of who it supports. These are the people who keep us healthy and safe.”
In the future, Fazendin Realtors would like to start their own foundation. “This is my ultimate goal, that way we can give back to the community with our own proceeds and in a much more organized fashion,” adds Andy.

Continuing the Legacy
Fazendin Realtors believes in a bright future, and the principles laid by their founder is what will guide them into the next 50 years. “Our goal is not to be the biggest, but to be the best. For me, that means our agent group to be the most productive real estate brokerage in the state of Minnesota.” Incrementally improving every single day, providing adequate training, and continuing to collaborate as a team is how they will push forward and continue to be of service to the communities they work in. Andy continues, “We aren’t groundbreaking, but we are certainly staying ahead of the curve and being flexible. Because of our size we can stay ahead of the competitors, and change quickly if we need, with the ultimate goal of providing our clients with the best service. This is an organization that I am very proud to lead.”

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