A House That’s Now a Home

Husband and Wife Josh And Wendy Talmon Incorporate Local Art Into Their Newly Remodeled Home

What makes a house a home? Some say it needs to reflect your personality and fit your lifestyle, but what does that really mean? Local artist Wendy Talmon feels when moving into a space, whether you’re remodeling or just updating furniture and paint, making your home feel authentic to you is a personal journey. It takes time and understanding to determine what environment you want to live in and to curate the space.

Wendy and her husband Josh Talmon did just that when they remodeled their 1972-built home. Renovations took about a year and a half to complete with nearly everything rebuilt from the studs up. A21 did their construction drawings and the Talmon’s worked with builder Buildwell to creatively problem solve and co-create their vision.

“We fell in love with the property. It’s an acre-and-a-half with west-facing views and it’s a quiet neighborhood,” Wendy says. “The house itself needed some love though.”

Creating a home that fits their lifestyle along with that of their two young boys is exactly what Wendy and Josh did. They kept the focus on the incredible property while incorporating nature into the design of the home. Now, the home boasts tall ceilings, an open floorplan, natural colors and textures throughout, and a wall of windows to the west with views of the Flatirons and the Continental Divide. “[The style of the home] speaks to who we are,” Wendy says. “You have to think about how you want to feel inside of the space. I wanted it to feel calm, with clean lines and soft textures in the house [spanning] from the tile to the walls to the ceiling and cabinets. Nothing is flat.”

Wendy says how you dress is a good way to understand how you should decorate. From pillows to furniture and décor, each piece should be a reflection of yourself.

The dark floors in contrast with the light wood on the ceilings, and the textured tiles on the kitchen wall make it clear that Wendy thought of each and every detail. As an artist herself, she also made sure to incorporate other local artists and items from local shops into her home. She has many items from Cedar & Hyde Mercantile adding texture and color to the space, including Virginia Sin ceramic lights, a fruit bowl and a twisted knot sculpture. Her couch is decorated with plant-dyed pillows in shades of indigo and tan made by local artist Edie Ure. Wendy also added her own 11-by-4.5-foot fiber art wall hanging to her home. The piece of art hangs by a large stick she found in the Boulder Creek, then transitions downward into organic cotton rope with macrame knots and woven with wool and alpaca. As Wendy did with her own custom art, each piece she creates matches the individual style of her client.

“Having my own art in the house feels like the best way to make my house feel like me,” Wendy says. “Art needs to have meaning. For us, the art that has the most meaning in our house has been created by our family—from photography, paintings, painted installation rocks, to my fiber art. We have a long line of artists on both sides of our family. We feel so grateful that the art has been passed down to us. It inspires us to be creative as well. Being surrounded by meaningful art makes you feel connected to your home.”

Most people agree that adding plants is a great way to turn a house into a home. It also brings the outside in, adding a calming and grounded feeling to the space. The Talmon home has several plants from Sturtz & Copeland. One even hangs from an old ceramic pot passed down from Wendy’s grandparents with a face molded into it—a unique piece of art that makes everyone smile.

“The floor-to-ceiling windows and our views are the most incredible part of our house,” Wendy says. “But all the stuff inside is [us]—like the art that we surround ourselves with and the textures of the home and just the organic nature of the materials we chose.”

Wendy Talmon is a Boulder-based fiber artist. Her work can be found at or on Instagram at @wandertreeco.

Pull quote: “The floor to ceiling windows and our views are the most incredible part of our house. But all the stuff inside is [us]—like the art that we surround ourselves with and the textures of the home and just the organic nature of the materials we chose.” — Wendy Talmon

House Details:

  • Year Built: 1972
  • Lot size: 1.5 acres
  • Features: west facing home with views of the Flatirons and Continental Divide, wood ceilings, large kitchen island, interactive art wall along stairs to the basement

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