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Lake Harriet (photo by Leslie Plesser)

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A Lake Harriet Picnic

Summer Sunsets in the City

Sunsets in Minnesota are beautiful and watching them can be a fun and relaxing activity.  There are some fabulous places in the Twin Cities that are great for watching sunsets and enjoying nature with friends or family.  It’s a simple outing where one can even pack a picnic basket with fruit, veggies, cheese and meats for the perfect evening snack.  A charcuterie board will make things light and simple for set up.  Dependent on your preferences, the contents are interchangeable; with basics including cured meats, an assortment of cheese, olives, nuts, fresh or dried fruit, crackers or baguette bread, jelly or jam.  Include a folding chair or two with a few blankets and pillows for an extra comfortable setting. 

Lake Harriet in particular offers beautiful park surroundings and great sunset watching.  It provides ample city green space and offers sailing, two beaches, a 2.99 mile bike trail and a 2.75 mile pedestrian trail.  The Lake Harriet bandshell has plenty of choice spots to put a blanket down and enjoy the summer elements of Minnesota.  They also have a seasonal outdoor restaurant, Bread & Pickle.

Located in the northeast corner of Lake Harriet, is Lyndale Park.  The 1.5 acre park is home to four popular gardens including the rose gardens, the perennial garden, perennial trial garden, and the arboretum.  The rose garden is the second oldest public rose garden in the United States, and showcases 3,000 plants in 100 different varieties.  The grounds and walking paths are well maintained and picturesque.  A brief walk from the rose garden, is the Thomas Sadler Roberts Bird Sanctuary.  Established in the 1800’s, it serves as a sanctuary for migratory songbirds in the spring, but you will find warblers are the primary attraction amidst this portion of peace in the city. 

  • Lake Harriet (photo by Leslie Plesser)