A Dose of Joy is a Bouquet Away

Mood Boosters: The Benefits of Including Flowers in Home Decor

With all the thought and effort we put into our home’s interior design, there may be a simple addition that can serve as a focal point or a pop of color for the decor and has the added benefit of improving our mood.

Including cut flowers in the home has been proven to have a number of benefits. Studies show that flowers have a positive impact on mood, can increase focus and can increase creativity as well.

Highlands Ranch resident Rose R. has been having Abloom Florists deliver fresh flowers to her home every two weeks since 2020.

“It is important for me to have fresh flowers in my home because flowers to me equal happiness. They can change the mood and environment completely, provided the arrangement meets your style and contributes to your home’s decor,” she says.

Leah Rosine, owner of Abloom, agrees. “I have a great appreciation for the positivity that flowers can bring to a person. There is a very special person that taught me to try and have fresh flowers in the house as often as possible because it makes you feel good. And it’s true.”

Rosine estimates that approximately 75 percent of her business consists of home and business orders and 25 percent is walk-in or event orders, like weddings.

One of Abloom’s regular business orders is to St. Mark Catholic Church.

According to Diana Corliss, Director of Sacred Music and Liturgical Coordinator at St. Mark, “We choose to get fresh flowers most weeks of the year to beautify our church. Mass is a representation of heaven on earth, and flowers remind us of the paradise of the Garden.”

Using flowers to beautify and create happiness seems especially wonderful in the spring. Tulips are one of the first flowers to bloom so they are very popular in spring arrangements. The meanings behind tulips can range from red representing love to the superstition that dreams about white tulips represent a fresh start or a new beginning.

Rosine also likes to use hyacinths in the spring. She says, “The hyacinth is a great spring flower. It’s got so much rich texture.” Also a spring blooming flower, the hyacinth is well known for its fragrance as well as the visual impact of its bunches of small loose flowers.

Rose R. remembers how she first started having Abloom deliver to her home. “I was horrible at putting together an arrangement that would last more than a week and looked how I wanted it to in a focal point of my home. I am now a believer that a well-put-together arrangement and a designer who has the eye for what their customer wants can truly be a turning point in having fresh flowers be a differentiator in your home.”

Home is where the heart is, and the heart likes flowers.

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