A Look at the Re-Bath Legacy

Serving Friends Across The Front Range

There are so many reasons you may want to remodel your bathroom.  Maybe it’s the chipped paint in the tub, or the linoleum coming up along the edges.  Maybe your bathroom just feels and looks outdated, or it’s just not the spa-inspired oasis you’ve imagined it could be.  Safety concerns are a huge reason to renovate.  With new slip-resistant technology and grab bars that seamlessly fit into the design, you know safety is the number one priority in your bathroom, but it looks like the aesthetic is.  Whatever the reason for your bathroom remodel, who are you going to call to take on such a job?

You’re in luck!  There are some local experts who are transforming the bathrooms of Northern Colorado, one home at a time.  Not only are they a staple of their community, but they have some definite differences from their competition.  Re-Bath of Northern Colorado is here to take that outdated bathroom into 2023 and beyond with their expertise, second-to-none service and safety features that are perfectly woven into your design. 

With deep local roots, Re-Bath of Northern Colorado has been serving their community for more than 26 years.  Located in Berthoud, this location serves communities all over Northern Colorado.  Owned by Mark Whaley, Re-Bath has become a family affair.  His son Jeremy, a Berthoud High School graduate, works alongside his dad to bring their clients, who happen to be  friends and neighbors, the bathrooms of their dreams.  

In the beginning, when Whaley first started his Re-Bath franchise there were only 3 colors to choose from.  Re-Bath has grown and changed with the times and trends.  Now, there are myriad of colors, materials, and finishes to choose from.  Design trends have changed a lot, even in bathrooms.  Re-Bath bathrooms fit right into any home decor design.  From Contemporary to Modern to Rustic, Re-Bath has a color and bathroom design that will take even the most outdated bathroom into a sparkling, relaxing sanctuary.  Always keeping safety in mind, Re-Bath has many options to ensure your bathroom is slip-resistant and as safe as possible. 

Re-Bath offers complete and partial bathroom remodels.  They can update your tub or shower, to meet with yoru changing needs.  Re-Bath has all kinds of solutions for aging and accessibility concerns, and each solution lends itself to your design, not detracting from it.  Re-Bath blends functionality with your personal style to design and create a bathroom that is tailored just for you.  Maximizing storage space and counterspace to reduce clutter keeps your newly renovated bathroom functional and looking beautiful.  Re-Bath does it all from light fixtures to flooring to tub and shower overhauls.  It’s a one-stop shop that doesn’t require outside contractors.  

A lot has changed for Re-Bath in the last 26 years.  But some things stay constant, like who they serve, the quality of materials they use, and many of their employees.  Re-Bath is proud to be the choice of their friends and neighbors alike.  They know that their quality and prices have to be right because they want to do the best job possible for their customers.  They see those whose baths they’ve done all over the community and they hold their head high, knowing they have truly served their community with high-quality materials, and a high-quality job is done, by experts in their field.  They keep their prices as low as they can, hard to do these days, to be able to serve as much of their community as possible. 

Offering the design process for free is a big part of what separates Re-Bath from its competitors.  You can also schedule a free, no-pressure consultation with Re-Bath so you know exactly what to expect with your remodeling project.  During this consultation a designer will come to your home with sample colors, materials, and finishes.  The designer will get to know you, your personal style, and what your needs are.  They can suggest different options so that you get exactly what you want, and even more. 

Customers of Re-Bath know to expect incredible results from their bathroom remodel.  But what about during the remodel?  Homeowners can expect to see the same faces there working every day.  Re-Bath doesn’t hire subcontractors.  They ensure every element of your remodel is just as you want it to be.  Whaley has his general contractors license as well as his master plumbers license.  He knows how important it is to get each part of the job finished before moving on to the next.  This is why Re-Bath can remodel your bathroom in a fraction of the time as their competition.  They do each and every step, ensuring quality all along the way.  There’s never a wasted day, waiting on a contractor.    

After more than 26 years, what’s next for Re-Bath?  The future is bright, as the company keeps growing its reach, and continuing to innovate with new products, colors, finishes, and materials. to meet every customer's unique needs.  Whaley and his colleagues, many of whom have worked for him for more than a decade, continue their education every year.  They know to stay on top of their industry there is always something to learn and new products every year.  Re-Bath has at least 2 new colors coming out this year.  These new colors which come out year after year, keep Re-Bath on top of the trends and at the top of their industry.

Imagine your bathroom remodeled.  A sparkling tub or walk-in shower inviting you to relax.  Built in shower caddies and shower benches ensuring all of your necessities have a space to be put away, keeping your shower and tub clean and tidy.  Tiled floors that keep your bathroom looking clean and chic, while offering you peace of mind because of their slip-resistant technology.  A sink with sparkling handles and completely free of drips and stains.  Your bathroom looks more like a spa than a bathroom after your remodel.  

Thanks to Re-Bath your remodel took a fraction of the time you expected.  You can’t get results like these from anyone else.  You also know it’s important to support local, to keep the vision alive of a community where neighbors serve their neighbors, all supporting each other and the community.

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