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A Love for Adventure

Fjallraven: Quality Gear for the Outdoors

Fjallraven tucks itself into places that have an understanding of the way that the outdoors enhances life; cities where the greatness of the earth's wonder is appreciated by the humans who occupy it.

They resonate with spaces that are filled with those who behold the beauty and awe of the earth, her majesty. At the core of Fjallraven, they honor the grit of exploring our world, and its breathtaking nature by preparing us to traverse it comfortably. They serve as a resource of knowledge for taking care of where we explore.

Explore + Preserve

The individuals who make up the team and uphold the mission of the outdoor gear company walk alongside the individuals that make up the cities where the stores exist. The employees, all the way up to the top, support those who dwell here in Colorado Springs; the ones who are doing worthwhile work for the growth. 

Fjallraven strives to elevate existing local brands and support the community while supplying nature lovers with what we need. Fjallraven values creating events for educating people on how to better explore and preserve. Their effort is to create synergy with the cities they love, like ours, with our love for adventure and quality items that last while we find that beloved dirt beneath our boots.

Breaking Bread

During the last snowfall of spring, while Fjallraven was opening its new store in the Shops at Briargate, there was a group of curators creating serious beauty in downtown Colorado Springs. The heart of the evening centered around gathering people from different types of lifestyles and careers exchanging smiles and stories, bonded by their love for COS and the natural beauty that hugs us so effortlessly.

Enamelware camping plates against a glass vessel laced with repurposed moss; delectable oysters nestled into sustainably sourced mugs that each guest kept. A notion that the dinners they host upon arrival to a new city are their sweet way of breaking bread with a new community— Fjallraven expressing their desire to add to the thriving nature of our home.

Heritage Concept

Their mission is resolved in a heritage concept. Meaning, the company’s preference is that we only ever really have to buy one of the items in its category of function. While we are browsing their products, we understand their function; that as we break it in with stories and adventure, which we have sealed with waxed each spring, it will withstand our use and with in-store tailoring, then lovingly be passed to another who will enjoy it during their life’s explorations.

But how do we say Fjallraven? Turn the J to a Y and let it all roll off of your tongue lightly.

Get outside. Explore.

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