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A Match Made In Heaven

Pinthouse experts shed light on why their delicious pizza and beer make an ideal combination.

There's not many culinary pairings that are equally simple yet endlessly distinct such as pizza and beer. Although on the surface pizza and beer may sound straightforward, Pinthouse Brewing has brought this iconic duo to new heights with combinations you need to discover to truly appreciate. Offering a wide array of specialty and “Off the Map Pies” made with care and attention to detail and innovative, award-winning craft beer, there are endless possibilities for everyone to enjoy.

Opened January 2021, Pinthouse Brewing is a newly added arm to the Pinthouse Pizza family of brewpubs located in the Greater Austin area and stands out for it's creative approach to offering something new every time you visit, "I think in our pubs it is about keeping a fun exciting selection of pizzas that allow our guests to try different combinations and flavor profiles." said Phillip Norsetter, Pinthouse VP of Culinary, "We try to highlight this with our Off the Map program which provides a new pizza special monthly. For our brewery location we try to provide a southern inspired menu that allows guests to try regionally inspired dishes and flavors they may not find elsewhere in Austin.”

Paired with the right craft beer, Pinthouse Brewing offers an experience that sets itself apart from the competition. While Pinthouse is widely known for its hop-laden IPAs, the brewing team has also earned awards for a number of different styles of beers, including porters, stouts, pilsners, Belgians, fresh hop and barrel-aged beers. Joe Mohrfeld, Pinthouse Co-founder & Brewmaster describes his approach as one with a focus on innovation, collaboration and the progression of American craft beer, "We are very agriculturally driven, and work closely with our farmers to ensure we use the highest quality raw materials. I spend time each fall at hop harvest in the pacific northwest walking the fields with our farmers and hand selecting all of the hops we use each year. This connection with the farmer allows us to create very intentional flavor profiles in our beers.”

In the end, it's all about finding the right combination that works for you, at Pinthouse Brewing, there are endless possibilities. So go out there and explore all the delicious food and beer. You never know what you'll discover.


HOURS: Sun-Thu 11am-10pm | Fri-Sat 11am-11pm
LOCATION: 2201 E Ben White Blvd, Austin, TX 78741
PHONE: (512) 717-0873

  • Phillip Norsetter, Pinthouse VP of Culinary and Joe Mohrfeld, Pinthouse Co-founder & Brewmaster

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