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A Modern Mountain Home

Montana Decor is full of western charm

Steer skulls or elk antlers are fixed above a fireplace mantle. Hairline fractures and grooves run like tiny rivers through their surfaces, indicating a time-worn look. These are perfect authentic pieces to illustrate and adorn a Western home, which is exactly what owner of Montana Decor Mahri Wright was trying to do when she moved back to the hometown of her alma mater.

Mahri graduated from The University of Montana in 1995. After working for two decades in the accounting field, she and her husband, Sean, returned to Missoula in 2020.

“Those UM years were the best years of my life. Deep down, I knew I would always come back,” said Mahri. When building their Missoula home, Mahri discovered a void in decor options. “I wasn’t able to find exactly what I was looking for. I’ve always been very enthusiastic about interior design and saw that I could open a store that would represent me and what I loved in a home.”

When considering a location for her business, downtown was always at the top of Mahri’s list. “I love the camaraderie among business owners. I love my neighbors. The Downtown Missoula Partnership does an amazing job creating a community among businesses. It just wouldn’t be the same somewhere else,” she said.

Located on East Main Street, Montana Decor’s showroom expresses an emerging genre in design known as “mountain modern.” This aesthetic combines smooth surfaces and durable structures with textures and colors found in the outdoors. According to Mahri, it represents what many who move to Montana are looking for to reflect their new lifestyle; retaining that modern feel while incorporating elements of what drew them to this area in the first place.

“Look where we live,” said Mahri, with a smile. “We are surrounded by natural elements. We bring those characteristics into our showroom along with a sophistication that adds modern flare. For example, we have a dining table with a solid, chunky reclaimed oak slab top and sleek, heavy black steel legs. We topped it with leather placemats, a nordic design runner, and hand-glazed stoneware. All of these items together give the feel for what I consider to be a mountain modern design. That’s why we chose the tagline ‘Made for Mountain Living’ for our shop.”

Mahri has a talent for combining color and texture, so when planning to visit Montana Decor, be sure to add extra time for surprise moments of delight. A shopper’s eye can drift from large anchor pieces like sofas and chairs, and then catch the flush of cerulean blue in a ceramic bird perched on a candlestick or the watery reflection of Hungarian cloches made from recycled wine bottles.

“I love a neutral palette with earthy tones,” said Mahri. “Then we can add a little accent color here and there—just like the colors you see when you're outdoors. They complement the natural wood and stone textures but also create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.” Mahri continues to mold her mountain-living style to fit the desires of the customers who walk through her doors. “I often hear, ‘I’ll take one of everything!’ I love feedback from all my patrons and try to incorporate what they’re looking for into new and exciting additions. Recently, I took on a new line of floor and furniture accents from Denmark, including extra large sheepskins which are handmade and hand-dyed.”

From her own experience, Mahri understands the frustration of not finding items that will make a house feel like your home, so when her customers discover that perfect piece, she tries to make the purchase as seamless as possible.

“If it’s on the floor, you can take it home. Special orders are not a problem and I can get items within four to six weeks,” said Mahri. For customers who fall in love with an item in her showroom but aren’t sure how to make it work in their current space, Mahri has an interior designer on staff to help. Also, for shoppers who want to support local makers but don’t know where to start, Mahri has options. “I try to support as many local manufacturers for things like art, throw pillows, handmade candles, and photography books. I want to give back to Montana as much as possible.”

Montana Decor is online at where you can spot new items that have just arrived, get ideas from Mahri on how to bring a tableau of pieces together, or find inspiration in the new season’s color palettes.

Montana Decor

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“We are surrounded by natural elements. We bring those characteristics into our showroom along with a sophistication that adds modern flare."