A Network of Healing

Local author Angela Maskey shares a tale of helping and healing to inspire others while supporting America's veterans

In 2019, Evans resident Angela Maskey found herself nursing an injured rabbit back to health with the help of a local veterinarian and a circle of support. Drawing from her experiences, Angela wrote and has recently published Amanda the Rabbit, a children’s book that follows the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of a rabbit found in the engine of a car undergoing repair. Angela desires to pull a deeper message from her experience and share that message with others.

“It’s a story about helping and healing that I think will resonate with kids. It’s a good opportunity for families to talk about kindness towards one another and to animals,” says Angela. “When you read a story to a child, that’s a great opportunity to reinforce that message.”

To help the story of Amanda become a reality in print, Angela sought out Bill Wood, a local veteran and illustrator. “It took me a while to find the right partner in an illustrator,” says Angela, “and Bill Wood did an amazing job bringing Amanda to life.”

Angela connects the help given to the rabbit to the need for healing in the veteran community. “It really is the whole message of healing,” explains Angela. “When veterans come back, they may have physical or emotional struggles, and it helps to be able to have a strong network of support from people who care about their healing process. That really aligns with what happened with Amanda. We see someone who is healing and needs help, and we support them by stepping up and doing the right thing.”

One way that Angela supports helping veterans heal is by publishing the book herself locally and donating a portion of the proceeds from sales to Mission 22. According to the organization’s website, “Mission 22 is dedicated to healing American’s veterans when they need it most – right now. We offer treatment from Post-Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain injury and all of the issues veterans are facing today.”

“If we can provide awareness of the message for healing and kindness,” says Angela, “then I’ve done a good thing.”

Amanda the Rabbit can be purchased online at or locally at All About Trucks & Autos and the Book Tavern. You’ll also find Angela at local events and markets so check the website for upcoming events. You can follow the adventures of Amanda and future friends on Instagram & Twitter @amandatherabbit and on Facebook  @rescuerabbit.

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