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Move Over Man Cave

She Sheds Are the New Rage Among Women

Article by Jacquie Mazziotta

Photography by Hartville Outdoor Products / Supplied

Originally published in Canton Lifestyle

What would you do if you could create an escape — a quiet space that feels like a world away, but in reality it’s just a few steps from home? This quaint area could be solace for your private art studio, reading or writing nook or even a party shed. There is such a place, and you can have it in your own backyard. The man cave has changed, and the ladies of the house have found an alternative to the traditional sports cave known for football and brews. 

Today’s version of backyard storage buildings commonly used for storing lawnmowers and garden tools have been converted into trendy “me” spaces for women — she sheds.  

“Today’s shed is a small, entirely private space located outside the home and designed with a warm and comfortable feel,” says Scott Rayman, who co-owns Hartville Outdoor Products with his wife Tina. “They are getaway spots or places to indulge in hobbies and relaxation with a woman in mind.”

She sheds can be customized and fit with electrical wiring, carpet and flooring, insulation, sliding glass doors, linoleum and even air conditioning. These mini homes are customized based on being an extension of the home. She sheds are often equipped with skylights, French doors, porches and even landscaping. Plus, they not only offer privacy and functionality, but also add value to the home.  

A range of exteriors include a rustic farmhouse look or modern vibe with vinyl or wood siding, and they can be built to fit most spaces. Nearly any size storage shed can be converted into a she shed with options ranging from as small as 8-by-8 and up to 12-by-20. According to Scott, the most common size sheds are 10-by-16 and 12-by-20. However, you don’t need a lot of acreage. The ideal space is 200 square feet, regardless of the size of the yard.  

She sheds can also double as a guest room or even a home office, and as a result of the insulation and electrical wiring options, they can be designed for year-round use. Other uses include crafting, gardening, art, pottery, sewing and even a yoga studio.  

“Our sheds are for recreational use only. I’ve had parents buy finished sheds for their college students, as well as people who want them for musician rooms and beyond. Both men and women are buying them. They’re taking the man cave idea to the next level,” says Scott. 

As today’s modern family juggles work, sports and other extracurricular activities, finding time to wind down or escape is essential for a healthy balance. She sheds are an extension of the home, and they’re a private setting for dwellers to call their own. 

A full line of display sheds can be seen at the Hartville Outdoor Products locations in Hartville on 1147 West Maple and in Medina on Route 18. Visit for more information.