A New Gild Way to Sparkle and Shine

Local Jewelers Rooted in Honesty and a Great Experience

As the holiday season approaches, many start to contemplate the art of gift-giving, memories and how to share special, unforgettable moments with loved ones. A timeless gift, and usually a very special one, can often come in the form of jewelry.

Located in the heart of Linden Hills, New Gild has become more than just another jewelry store with beautiful diamonds and gemstones. It’s a place where people can shop comfortably and without pretention. Jen and Kelsey, co-owners of New Gild Jewelers, definitely understand what goes into this process and how important quality, trust and education are when helping someone make a jewelry decision. Both have seen the dishonest side of the business and formed a pact years ago to forge a new path in the industry.

Jen recalls seeing a couple being “wildly overcharged for their diamond” and was soon after hit by an idea when she received her community education catalog in the mail. She designed a short evening class called "How to Buy a Diamond" and hopes to teach consumers what they should know on the jewelry buying journey whether they shop at New Gild or not. 

This philosophy of taking care of their customers doesn’t just stop with Jen and Kelsey but resonates throughout their entire team who appreciates both the materials and those shopping for them. Every aspect of the interaction is treated with respect and dignity. They pride themselves on assembling a “fun, caring place” where people can feel good when they walk through the door. New Gild puts care into every piece created, believing that each has a beautiful story from start to finish.

"The story of a piece began billions of years ago when these metals and stones were created and continues through the design collaboration and the crafting,” Jen says. After the jeweler’s part has ended, then the “wearer’s story has just begun.”

At New Gild, they design in-house with their customer’s input and design involvement. Every step of the process is completed through their artisans and local partners. Their metals are 100% recycled, and the gems and diamonds are sourced through trusted partners who adhere to the Kimberley Process, which was established in 2000 as a way to certify stones and help stop "conflict diamonds."

To the New Gild team, the real reward is “the response we get from people when we hand them their ‘sparkle.’ We often create new pieces from jewelry handed down over generations and through families and seeing the joy that stays with the piece through a restyling is wonderful.” 

Jen and Kelsey are determined and dedicated to creating a gems and jewelry experience for people unlike any other. Both feel that “earning people’s trust” should be a given. They love making that happen and have proved that through building a loyal clientele and by becoming an intricate part of supporting the local community. With that being said, there really is no better way to shine. 

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